What are the Types of Bike Locks You Can Buy

It doesn’t matter if you own a road bike, a hybrid, or even a mountain bike, you need to buy several bike accessories to enjoy the best rides possible. In addition to these accessories, however, it is also important to buy safety equipment such as a U lock bike lock so that no one can steal your bike, even if it is parked in a distant and isolated location. Locking your bike is essential as you do not want someone to ride away with your expensive ride. 

When it comes to picking a bike lock for your bicycle, there are several options to choose from. Each of the locks is designed for a specific purpose and that’s why it is imperative to pick the right lock for your bike. To help you along the journey, we have compiled a list of some of the best bike locks you can buy and which one is right for your bike. 

Cable Lock

Cable locks are the most basic type of bike locks available in the market. These types of locks are inexpensive but don’t offer high sturdiness. They are easy to break and that’s why the majority of riders don’t even bother to invest in them. These types of locks are perfect for locking the bike indoors. However, if you park your bike inside an in-house office parking space, cable locks will be enough to do the job. You won’t have to invest in an expensive bike lock. 

Chain Locks

Chain locks basically bridge the gap between a cable lock and a U lock bike lock. They are quite affordable and still offer high sturdiness. It is not easy to break a chain lock. However, make sure to buy a heavy chain lock so that no one can cut it with a hacksaw. Even though chain locks are quite secure, professionals can unlock them with a couple of tricks. It means they are only a reliable option when you lock your bike in a regular neighborhood. 

U Lock Bike Lock

The last but not the least, U lock bike lock. These types of locks are extremely durable and the best option if you securely want to lock your bike. It is almost next to impossible to break a U lock bike lock, at least not without drawing some attention. The only drawback of using a U lock is that it is difficult to carry around. 

These are different types of bike locks you can buy for your bike. If you want to know more Bike Lock please visit here.

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