Path of Exile Patch 3.9 Metamorph officially released

The latest extension of Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile, announced at ExileCon last month, has been released today, bringing countless content and changes to ARPG. "Atlas Conqueror" brings new high-end content to players, changes in bows and new POE Items.
The Atlas Conqueror tells the story of an exile who defeated the exiles, who were trapped in the World Atlas and constantly fighting their inhabitants to accumulate more and more power-with actual PoE endgame players are different. They went crazy and were on the verge of getting rid of Atlas, spreading their malice throughout Wraeclast, so players had to step in and confront them. As players progress in the league, they can find different catalysts to improve the quality of orbs, and even fight against bosses in Atlas to create some truly terrible encounters.
The expansion also adds the Metamorph Challenge alliance, where players incorporate the essence of monsters into Frankenstein-like chimeras that can then be defeated for special rewards. Grinding Gear Games calls it a "Boss Build Workshop", but we bet you don't want to bring your kids to the lab. To commemorate the establishment of the alliance, GGG partnered with streaming media Zizaran to host the Awakener Kill Challenge Event with a prize of up to $ 30,000. If you are interested in bonuses, you may need to POE Items Buy to help you gain an advantage in the new extension.
Atlas's Conqueror also offers huge changes to bow and arrow skills, new item influence types, and new Awakening Aid Gems. The Metamorph League on the Path of Exile will launch with PC at 12:00 pm PST today with Atlas's Conqueror-Xbox One and PS4 next week. For more information on extensions, check out the Path of Exile website.
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