the population influx strained poe currency's servers fierce

That isn't all Grinding Gear bankrupt however, since the population influx strained poe currency's servers fierce. The first couple of hours were particularly troublesome, with a bunch of players kicked or while trying to get a taste of Betrayal queued.
Grinding Gear had the ailing server hamster patched up in no time however and players had been left to enjoy a Path of Exile: Betrayal experience. In reality, the company predicted it one of their"smoothest" launches ever, even more so when considering the sharp growth in players.
Path of Exile's developer doesn't intend on stopping there and they announced going for another record. Notice, however, this will need to wait a bit as Grinding Gear are heading for a slow holiday season.
"Within the coming week, we will prioritise post-launch issues as they come , together with the evolution of 3.6.0 which will be released in March. In New Zealand it is typical for people to take a few weeks of summer vacation around Christmas/New Year, so we'll be running a skeleton crew for the end of December and early January", the business wrote.
Grinding Gear thanked their players occasional and concurrent, for all their support. They extended the thanks to own employees who participate in crafting Betrayal, commending their attention to detail along with the ability to provide a"massive expansion" in an incredibly short time frame, all of buy poe exalted orbs the while preserving admirable quality standards.
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