Surface Area Of A Right Cone Calculator

The Surface Area of a Right Cone Calculator is an online tool that helps us find the value of Surface Area when we know the radius of the right cone's circular base and its slant height. The surface area calculator for right cone on BYJU makes math easy and fun.
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The area of the right cone is equal to r(r + l).
where r is the diameter of the base.
l is the height of the slope
What is the right cone's surface area?
A right cone is one whose point is right in the middle of its round base. It means that the line from the cone's point to its base goes through the middle. A cone is a three-dimensional shape that has both a surface area and a volume.
The area covered by the outside of a right circular cone is its surface area. It is equal to the area of the circle's base plus the area of the sides.
Surface area (right cone) = Area of round base plus area of curved surface
SA = π r2 + π r l
SA = π r (r + l)
r is the radius and l is the slant height.
How to Find the Right Cone's Surface Area?
Follow the steps below to use the calculator to find the surface area of a given right circular cone:
Step 1: Enter the values for the radius and the slant height in the appropriate boxes.
Step 2: Click "Solve" to get the surface area you need.
Step 3: The output field will show the surface area of the cone based on its radius and slant height.
Solved Example Q: Find the surface area of a right cone with a radius of 10 cm and a slant height of 15 cm.
Solution: Given,
Radius = 10 cm
Slant height = 15 cm
By the right cone's surface area formula, we know:
Total surface area = π r (r + l)
TSA = π x 10 (10 + 15)
TSA = 785.4
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