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What is Perioperative Nursing?

Perioperative nursing is a specialized area of nursing that focuses on providing care to patients before, during, and after surgical procedures. Perioperative nurses work with surgeons and other healthcare professionals to ensure that the patient is prepared for their procedure, that the procedure is successful, and that the patient’s recovery is monitored. Perioperative nurses are also involved in patient education and preoperative assessment. Nursesessay offers Perioperative Nursing Assignment Help to assist students in understanding the nuances of this important field. Perioperative Nursing Assignment Help from nursesessay is designed to provide students with the knowledge and resources needed to excel in their studies and become successful Perioperative nurses.

What are the duties of a Perioperative Nurse?

Perioperative nurses are registered nurses that provide care to patients before, during, and after a surgical procedure. Their role is vital in ensuring patient safety and comfort throughout the entire surgical process. The responsibilities of a perioperative nurse can vary depending on their setting but they typically include:

  • Preoperative assessment – assessing the patient’s condition prior to surgery and obtaining informed consent.
  • Instrumentation – selecting and preparing the instruments needed for the surgery.
  • Surgical scrubbing – performing the pre-operative scrubbing procedure to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Intraoperative management – providing direct care to the patient during the surgery and monitoring their vital signs.
  • Recovery room management – providing post-operative care to the patient in the recovery room, ensuring the patient is comfortable and monitoring their vital signs.
  • Pain management – administering medication to manage pain and ensure the patient is comfortable.
  • Discharge planning – helping the patient prepare for discharge from the hospital and providing instructions for follow-up care.

Perioperative nurses are an essential part of the healthcare team and their duties are critical to providing high quality care to patients undergoing surgical procedures. They must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and surgical principles in order to provide safe and effective patient care.

What are the educational requirements to become a Perioperative Nurse?

Perioperative Nurses are highly trained and knowledgeable healthcare professionals who are responsible for providing care to patients before, during, and after surgical procedures. To become a Perioperative Nurse, individuals must first complete an accredited nursing program. This could include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a Diploma in Nursing. Once they have obtained their degree, they can then pursue a certification as a Certified Perioperative Nurse (CNOR) through the Competency & Credentialing Institute. To become certified, applicants must pass an exam that includes topics such as anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique, pre-operative and post-operative assessment, patient education and communication, legal considerations, and principles of surgical technology. After successfully completing the exam, nurses can receive the certification, which is valid for five years and requires continuing education to maintain. With the proper training and education, Perioperative Nurses can become experts in their field and provide the best possible care for their patients. They are essential members of the surgical team and play a vital role in providing quality care to those undergoing surgery.

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