Beautinow Launches Perfume Mystery Box

Beautinow Launches Perfume Mystery Box

Maintaining a personal fragrance collection isn’t an affordable passion. A full bottle of perfume may cost anywhere from €40 to several hundreds of euros. This may sound reasonable if you’re only owning 1-2 fragrances, but for those who always want to be able to pick a fragrance based on season, occasion or even just mood, more choice is needed.Get more news about perfume box,you can vist our website!

Beautinow, an online store for niche perfume, has now launched the world’s first perfume mystery box. The box is available for just €129 (135$) and contains 3 full bottles of niche perfume, one 10ml sample, and five 2ml samples. With a retail value of €229, the buyer is basically enjoying a 44% discount.

“Our box is perfect for perfume lovers, who want to expand their collection at an affordable price. This allows anyone to always pick the right fragrance for the right occasion. Moreover, for those who are into perfume layering, this perfume box expands their range of possibilities” says Beautinow. What is perfume layering? ‘Perfume Layering’ refers to the practice of combining different fragrances by spraying them on top of one another, resulting in a unique scent profile. This ritual is popular among perfume lover who want to create their own signature scent or simply want to smell unique.

Beautinow have recently launched new brand offerings such as Tiziana Terenzi, Matière Première, Francesca Bianchi to expand their niche perfume offerings which also includes brands such as Mancera, Bortnikoff, and Miller et Bertaux. Will one of the fragrances of these brands become part of the secret mystery box?

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