What are the unique features and benefits of Emirates?

When you come to the payment page on Emirates.com, you can decide to hold your fare. Your reservation fee will be displayed, and you'll need to authorise it using your card. Additionally, there is some information on the Hold My Fare service and how to finish your reservation. Only if you don't pay your entire fare within 72 hours will you be assessed this reservation fee. For your convenience, we'll display the expiration date and time. Hold My Fare may only be used with Economy Class tickets; it cannot be used with other items. Any additional items in your shopping basket, such as travel insurance, will be removed from your reservation if you decide to hold a fare. After paying for your flights, use Manage a booking to add further items to your trip. Before we find the answer to the question, how can I get a hold of Emirates, let’s find the unique features owned by this airline.

What are the unique features and benefits of Emirates?

  • Emirates flights offer 3,500 movie channels, music channels, TV shows, and games
  • All three Emirates classes offer personal in-flight entertainment (IFE) system
  • Emirates passengers get over 100 video-game titles and over 1000 hours of music
  • Over 2000 video on demand and pre recorded television channels
  • Docking capability for Apple's iPod portable music and video player
  • Emirates offer ICE and ICE Digital Widescreen – two types of entertainment systems
  • ICE Digital Widescreen which is an updated version of ICE
  • Emirates ICE and ICE Digital Widescreen offer over 600 on-demand movie titles

Hold your fare for 72 hours

You have found the ideal flight fare, but you aren't quite ready to make the reservation. Do you still need to make travel arrangements? Not certain if the date is accurate. The price of your flight won't change if you change your mind now. When checking out, select Hold My Ticket* to hold your desired flight fare for 72 hours. If the price increases after you book, you won't be required to pay any additional money because all we need to make a payment is your name and booking reference. On Emirates flights, you can book a tariff for Economy Class, with the exception of those leaving from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Japan, and Mexico.

How can I pay my held booking?

  • Open the Manage Booking window
  • https://www.emirates.com/in/english/manage-booking/
  • Log in to Manage booking with your booking reference number and last name
  • Then click ‘Pay now’ to confirm and pay for your booking
  • You can only reserve an Economy Class bookings on Emirates flights
  • You can use the service up to 24 days before your flight

Chat with Emirates

Whenever you want to ask a question during a chat conversation, just type it in or pick an answer from the list provided by the virtual assistant. Whether you require information regarding a flight you've scheduled or a link to a certain page on our website, they will direct you to it. If our virtual assistants are unable to assist you with something, they will offer to put you in touch with one of our actual Live Chat experts. The chat will let you know how can I get a hold of Emirates or how long it might take us to assist you during busy times.

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