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Squint is an eye condition that causes the eyes to be out of alignment. The eye muscles that control the movement of the eyeball, eyelids, and eyebrows become weak, which results in squinting. Six ocular muscles actually control how our eyes move, allowing them to move up, down, left to right, and in circles. Strabismus, another name for squint, can be treated with eyeglasses, medicine, or surgery. However, an ophthalmologist very infrequently advises surgery. Many things can make you squint.

What are the causes of the squint?

  • Congenital: - This squint is received from the birth and it is caused by the damaged cornea in premature babies.
  • Hereditary: - Hereditary means running in the family. This squint is caused by genetic reason means if your mother or father has squint, there can be chances to occur in the children.
  • Weakening of ocular muscles leads to squint
  • Various eye condition like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism can be one of the reasons of squint
  • Some disorder like cerebral palsy , brain tumor and building fluid in the brain
  • Viral infection like measles can also provoke this disorder.

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