A Complete List of Sex Toys for Beginners

Stacy, a 20-year old student, who never had sex became a fan of sex toys when her friends decided to gift her a realistic dildo as a prank on her birthday. However, a little did she know that this prank would turn out to be a savior and give her immense pleasure while masturbating. She went on to explore the world of sex toys for women and tried out different sex toys, even when she was in a fully-satisfying relationship. 

However, not everyone has a friend circle like Stacy. In fact, many women, especially in India, don’t even know what type of sex toys exist and which one is perfect to satisfy their needs. 

As a result, they never get to enjoy the sexual pleasure they actually deserve. That’s why we have decided to scribble down a list of sex toys for women that are perfect for beginners and can provide unimaginable pleasure during masturbation or even with your partner. 


Dildos are the most popular type of sex toys in India, the majority of women buy. These are an exact replica of an erect penis and come in varied sizes. You can pick any size that suits your needs and try out different things to make your sexual life more interesting. Most of the dildos also come with a suction cup at the bottom, that easily sticks to any place surface. So, you can even try different positions by sticking the dildo to the floor. 

Sex Vibrators

Sex vibrators are yet another popular type of sex toys for women. Vibrators come in different sizes and shapes. Since they vibrate, they are slightly more powerful than dildos and other sex toys. Moreover, the majority of sex vibrators have a speed controller as well which means you can easily control the vibration speed to have full control over your body. 


Although butt-plugs may not be the perfect option for beginners, you can try them if you are open to new adventures. You can insert butt-plugs into your ass during intercourse to enjoy double penetration. Some butt-plugs even vibrate so they can give you the best pleasure of your lifetime. 

These are some of the most popular sex toys for women that you can buy if you are a complete beginner. However, there is a different kind of other sex toys as well that you can try to step up your sexual life. 

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