Benefits to Blogger Outreach

To build your list You can use tools such as Moz's FollowerWonk to find potential influencers on social media by looking at things like keywords they use in their bios or follower counts.
You might want to start with influencers you follow already, since the next steps will require some ways to engage on your own.
Many people begin blogger outreach for the sole purpose to gain hyperlinks, but that's only one benefit.
Based on the area your company is located it is possible to form an alliance that will benefit you both.
Here are a few other ways to benefit from your outreach efforts, in addition to gaining hyperlinks:
Joint ventures, partnerships or partnership
What a great idea having access to an audience to your own? Co-marketing is an excellent way from establishing relationships by means of contact.
The idea works when each of the parties enjoys the same benefits. It's not the best idea to pitch to launch an effort to promote your business jointly with a different company when you're the one taking the biggest share of the rewards.
The odds of getting an agreement with someone via an email campaign that is cold are low unless they're already familiar with your business and have confidence in them.
After you've talked for a while and you've gotten to know the businesses of both parties and their audience You can suggest the ways in which a partnership can benefit all parties, including the customer. See also guest post services.
Try pitching along the likes of:
Proposal for Partnership
Make sure that it's a solid and well-thought-out concept.
For instance, you could offer a less formal collaboration such as an appearance on a podcast, then use that as a base to develop into an actual project together that will require more commitment from each the other.
Businesses are sold and bought every day due to a myriad of motives.
This isn't something you could just offer to someone, since most people are extremely cautious when buying or selling businesses.
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