Features of Ahrefs That You Must Know for SEO

While there are an array of SEO tools in the market, nothing comes close to the accuracy and detailed analysis of Ahrefs. SEO Experts, across the globe, rely on Ahrefs to manage SEO campaigns for their clients. In fact, according to a recent study, 54% of the worldwide SEOs use Ahrefs to perform different SEO tasks, be it keyword research, content idea generation, or even backlink analysis. 


In saying that, Ahrefs should be your go-to tool if you are planning to perform SEO for your business. Although it’s a bit expensive, the features that you get with the tool are completely worth every penny. So, if you are planning to develop a result-driven SEO marketing campaign for your website, make sure to invest in Ahrefs. 


However, before taking out your credit card, wait for a moment. While Ahrefs is an extremely useful SEO tool, it might become a bit overwhelming to understand all the features of the tool, especially if you are a complete beginner. 


That’s why we have scribbled down a detailed list of different features of Ahrefs that you must know to manage the SEO campaign for your website. Since these features will help you a lot in the future, continue reading, and become an SEO expert like many others. 


Now, without any further ado, let’s start with the list of features. 


Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is the dedicated keyword research tool designed by Ahrefs. If you are looking to generate keyword ideas in a short time-span, Ahrefs keyword explorer is the most efficient tool for your requirements. 


Simply pop-in a seed keyword into the search bar and hit enter. The tool will generate all the keyword metrics that you need to identify if the keyword is worth targeting or not. These metrics include Keyword Difficulty (KD), Search Volume, CPC, Global Traffic, etc. 


In addition to this, the keyword explorer also generates a list of the related keywords along with their dedicated metrics. You can browse through the list to find other potential keywords to target. 


So, next time you want to find the right kind of keywords for your website, make sure to use Ahrefs’ keyword explorer. It’ll make your job much easier. 


Site Explorer

Site Explorer is probably one of the best features of Ahrefs that everyone should use while performing search engine optimization (SEO) for a website. Basically, when you enter the website name into Ahrefs’ site explorer, the tool performs a site-wide detailed analysis and lays out different results.


The most basic results include Domain Rating (DR), URL Rating (UR), Number of Backlinks, Organic Traffic, Number of Referring Domains, Number of Organic Keywords (for which website ranks), etc. 


These are all the basic terms that’ll give you a quick analysis of your website from SEO perspective. If you want to dive deeper, go to the left menu bar, where you’ll find different buttons. 


Clicking these buttons will allow you to take a deep insight into each of the above metrics to have a more precise understanding. For instance, click on the link tab in the top-left corner if you want to closely examine the backlink profile of a website. 


The website will generate a list of all the backlinks the website has (both no-follow and do-follow). There’s also a filter that allows you to customize the results and have a closer look at the backlink profile. This is one of the best features as you can check the competitor’s backlink profiles and steal their backlinks to improve your website’s domain authority. 


Many SEOs use this feature to skyrocket the number of quality backlinks to their website and improve the domain authority (DA).


Content Explorer

Content Explorer is probably the most underrated feature of Ahrefs that no one talks about. It is the best way to generate content ideas for your business. Simply type in the keyword into the search bar and the tool will generate a list of top-performing content pieces. You can browse through the results and create personalized content for your own website. 


The content explorer can also be used to understand what type of content users prefer reading. As a result, it’ll become much easier to develop a dedicated content marketing strategy for your own website. 


These are some of the best features of Ahrefs that you must know if you are planning to achieve expected results through SEO. 



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