An Eye For an Eye; Wire Rope Thimbles

An Eye For an Eye; Wire Rope Thimbles

Anytime a wire rope is bent so it can be attached to a hanging point, there is a risk that a heavy load could crush the eye of the rope. The addition of a wire rope thimble to the eye protects the rope by guiding it into a natural curve and creating an extra layer of support.Get more news about thimble wire rope,you can vist our website!

Naturally, there can be an enormous strain on these wire ropes. While the ropes themselves are strong, there will always be wear and tear. After repeated high load use, wear, and kinking can reduce the strength of the cable, and can lead to premature failure.

But the thimble prolongs the life of the rope and is an insurance policy for the rope from breaking. Steel thimbles (or stainless steel thimbles in highly corrosive environments) offer added protection from wear and tear of direct contact and deformation of the eye, extending the service life of the wire rope, or wire rope sling.

Strength and Integrity
The goal for the wire rope is to maintain its strength and integrity. The thimble is the solution for this. A thimble can be installed inside the loop to preserve the natural shape of the loop, and protect the cable from pinching and abrading on the inside of the loop. The use of thimbles in loops is industry best practice. The thimble prevents the load from coming into direct contact with the wires.

Variety Is the Spice
There are several sizes and strengths of thimbles: standard (light duty), heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty are some of the varieties. They can come in zinc, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized for a thicker coating, and some others. They can also come in either open or closed loops. You choose the thimble based on the size of the load, and how much the rope will move.

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