How to get together in the gym if you are a beginner? Checklist of essentials

We buy equipment and prepare for fitness correctly
Finally, the day had come when you made an important decision - to take your form seriously. You bought a subscription to a fitness club, which you chose for almost half a year, enlisted the support of relatives and friends, and were mentally prepared to work hard to achieve your goal.
The only thing left is correctly assembling a sports bag and buying equipment. Someone will think: "What difference does it make where to go? I already have shorts and old sneakers. I'll go in them." There needs to be a better approach. After all, a high-quality and beautiful set for the gym does a great job: you are comfortable, you feel confident, and the right clothes contribute to good results.
Free photos of Training
It is most important. And this is the detail you should not save under any circumstances. If you are a persistent and purposeful beginner and already clearly know what you will do in the gym, choose shoes for a specific type of training. It will be hard to get lost because there are only two of them - strength exercises and cardio. This will be enough for you at first.
Tights/leggings, shorts, or sweatpants
It is impossible to advise which of these options is best for a fitness club. Start with what you like best and what you think suits you. The size range for different brands and even just for other models of the same brand sometimes differ significantly on the body. Well-known brands of sportswear most often choose synthetics for manufacturing products: it stretches better and deforms less when worn. Therefore, if you do not want to become the owner of your grandfather's sweatpants with pulled knees, be confident with this material.
Sports top
This women's accessory is worth special attention. In no case should they be neglected in training?
T-shirt or tank top
For girls, there is no fundamental difference between whether to wear a T-shirt or a T-shirt in the gym. You can train just in a sports top. This also applies to outdoor training in warm weather.
However, some activities will require purchasing something more closed than a sconce. For example, anti-gravity - it's better to buy a long-sleeve crop top there so as not to rub your hands on a hammock and so that the skin if it sweats, does not stick to the fabric.
Sports bag or backpack
Do not go to the gym with a plastic bag! There are no special criteria for choosing a backpack. Here you can save money: you should only buy a little expensive, especially for the first time. Look in stores for the best option at an affordable price, go to the gym for several months, and, if you want to replace the accessory, you will pick up something new to your liking.
The only important point is that the bag should be roomy. Remember that you will put running shoes, sportswear, a water bottle and a couple of towels in there.
It is also necessary to clearly understand what you want to do in the gym and what exercises to perform. For further information, read the article Best Daily Muscle Building Exercises at
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