Chastity Valdes Shares 5 Best Food to Pair with a Red Wine

Chastity Valdes believes many people enjoy treating themselves to a glass of red wine, while others enjoy dining out and drinking out as well. There are a lot of restaurants to enjoy a glass of wine while pairing it with some foods.


What is Red Wine?

Red wine can have various flavors such as fruity, dry, earthy, smooth, solid, and many more. Wines can also be classified as light, bold, fortified, or aged. Red wine is more on the dryer side due to the way it is manufactured and the antioxidants that it has. There are different kinds of red wines and these are the most popular to drink: Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Malbec.

Red meats with Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is one of the most well-known red wine grape varieties in the world. It ages well because it is a full-bodied, tannic, and acidic wine. It has powerful tannins that soften throughout aging, it also has a high alcohol content sometimes in the 13-14 percent range. This type of red wine goes well with almost any kind of red meat, including ribs, New york strips and filet mignon. The wine pairs well with this cuisine and works well in sauces or reductions says Chastity Valdes. Also, avoid foods like pasta and rice with this wine since the carbohydrates will not loosen the wine’s strong tannins. The most common food that goes well with Cabernet Sauvignon will be steak, especially the fattier steaks like ribeyes, and sirloin that are served in rare to medium-rare.


The Merlot wine pairs well with a wide range of dishes due to its location in the middle of the red wine spectrum. It goes nicely with chicken and other light meats, as well as seasoned dark meat. Since its tannin is mild and has low acidity, Merlot works well with a variety of dishes. You can even pair it with vegetables that are difficult to match such as tomatoes and grilled veggies. Consider pairing your wine with roast duck, turkey, and lean beef cuts.

Pinot Noir with Earthy Flavors

Pinot Noir goes well with dishes with earthy flavors such as Veal Marsala, Grilled Salmon, Lamb Chops, Shepherd’s Pie, or Beef Wellington. Since Pinot Noi has an elegant and food-friendly red wine that is light, tangy, and fruity with a little earthy aftertaste. This kind of red wine is ideal to bring during holiday or family dinners because it goes well with ham, turkey, steak, fish, and chicken. Pinot Noir is also acidic, so it perfectly complements any tomato-based dishes like pasta, stew, or pizza. Apart from the earthy flavors of Pinot Noir which complement the smoky bacon flavors, the light and fruity flavors of this red wine provide a pleasant contrast to the saltiness of the cured pork. It also pairs well with the smokey and salty spices of some sausages.

Burgers with Malbec

Food pairing with Malbec is easier than you imagine. Because the wine has a larger body, it pairs well with stronger-flavored and richer dishes. But avoid matching it with delicate or subtle flavors, since the wine will entirely overpower the food. You’ll be astonished at how well Malbec’s fruitiness complements more gamey and earthy meat cuts like buffalo burgers or venison. To increase the umami flavors in your recipe, you can try portobello mushrooms or cumin for veggie lovers by using mock meats.

Key Takeaway

Even though you are not a wine connoisseur you can still try to choose dishes that could go nicely with your wine. Not only can wine offer a delicious ambiance to a meal, but the food you choose can also make or break the wine’s unique taste. If you enjoy drinking red wine, consider researching what dishes can perfectly complement your choice of red wine for a delightful experience with your meal!

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