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Many people are curious about sexy dolls. They often ask questions like "Does the doll feel real?" and "What are the materials?".

Material used in making sex dolls will affect the texture, softness and appearance of their skin. TPE and Silicone sex dolls are the most well-known.

TPE dolls use thermoplastic rubber. These toys can be relatively cheap, have smooth textures, as well as being softer. TPE dolls have a reputation for their resistance to staining and hardness of sterilization.

TPE dolls can also be used as tiny sex doll. They are soft, hypoallergenic, and virtually odourless. Silicone is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, manufacturers can achieve a more human-like image of the person it is trying imitate with silicone. This material has been used since ancient times for many purposes, including kitchenware, sex toys and human aesthetic modification.

The high heat resistance of silicone makes it possible to integrate a heating system within torso sex dolls. This would create the illusion that you are spending intimate moments with a warm-blooded, human being. This material has a firmness and durability that ensures realistic parts of the body, such as those "down beneath".

Although silicone dolls are generally more expensive than other toys made out of various materials, they have proven to be more realistic and intimate than many of the toys that were available. It's hard to imagine what else you could want. A silicone sex doll has the looks and body of a real sex doll. She also offers warmth and tenderness. This is what I'm confident in.

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