Is DS18 a good brand: Is it Really Worth Buying?

Every car should have speakers for people to enjoy music while on a journey. Many brands are making car speakers, but some of them are good. A new brand named DS18 is booming in the market, and many people are asking is DS18 a good brand? In this post, we will tell you all the pros and cons of DS18, so you can decide whether you want to buy car speakers from them or not. To test their quality, we tested their product DS18 Pro X6BM.

Is DS18 a good brand? 

To conclude, we will look at some features of the DS18 Pro X6BM. It is a replacement speaker for cars. The speaker's dimensions are 6*6*2.75 inches, and the weight of this speaker is 2kgs. You will find it heavy, the reason for that is the big magnet used. However, it will fit perfectly in any car. This speaker's frequency ranges from 118 Hz to 17 kHz, so you can listen to it at high and low volumes. It can not handle more power than 500 watts. 

Any amplifier can pair with it quickly, and you will not get any distortion while listening at a high volume. It also has a hifi range sensitivity of 90 dB. It has a 1.5-inch long voice coil that handles temperature. It has a perfect design that gives the speaker an aesthetic look and also provides durability. However, the speaker doesn't have built-in Bluetooth, but you can install it later. These are all the speaker's features; now let's know some pros and cons of the product.


It is available in many sizes, so you can easily find one perfect for your car.

It gives a solid performance compared to other same-price speakers.

The audio is clear and loud and without any distortion.

It is cheaper than other speakers; you can get one at just 43 dollars on amazon.

It easily handles high volumes and frequencies, and its high sensitivity makes it a power-efficient speaker.


On low frequencies, the bass doesn't feel that deep.

Some users found that it could be more durable.

Now that we know all the product features, pros, and cons, the final thing needed to determine whether the brand is good or bad is customer reviews. We found that 75% of the people who bought this speaker were happy with the purchase, and their reviews were positive. Only 5% of reviews were negative, which is an excellent ratio for a brand. Most people said they liked the speaker's clarity and volume, and it was easy to install. Most negative reviews were about the bass problem and speaker breakdown after a little buying time.


Is ds18 a good brand? After the research, I would say it is a good brand. The best proof of that is their customers are happy. It has 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon, which indicates that it is a good brand. Their speaker prices are also reasonable. For your next speaker purchase, you can consider DS18.

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