Technology: Is it addiction or a blessing

Imagine this: you get up in the late at night to go for a drink of water or an after-dinner snack. While you are walking into the kitchen and walk through the refrigerator door and look out the corner of your vision you see your phone. Now that you're not contemplating that snack, but you're thinking about whether you have an emails. You tell yourself that you'll be checking it later at the beginning of the day, but you just can't resist so you pick up the phone to go through it. You discover that you've received an invitation to rehab centers near me new friend on Facebook as well as a letter from your cousin from Seattle and an enticing email from someone whose name is Roseanne Legato who is going to educate you about the advantages of Viagra. It's not urgent, but you are aware that if you hadn't examined it, you'd have been in bed thinking about whether you should get up to check it out to forget about it and relax.

Tina Indalecio is currently working on her Ph.D. in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University.

If you think you're not the only person who never stops being connected, or "plugged in", don't be concerned because you're not alone.

"ONE of three people around the world confess to having a problem with technology as per the findings of a study conducted by researchers at the Cranfield School of Management. Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield said: "Our global study concluded that addiction to technology is all about being drug rehab west Virginia dependent on one particular lifestyle or style of work - and is motivated by ambition, the need for connection, desire for intimacy, social networks as well as age. There are people who live for socializing while others work, and others are more concerned with their privacy and their personal space." (Business MK, 2009(link is external))

In that regard I think it's crucial to remember that we tend to speak about the way we consume media or, in this instance technology. But, I'd like to look at this from the viewpoint the fact that technology has been devouring us. It consumes us, connecting us in ways we've never experienced before and, sometimes, disconnecting our lives from those that surrounds us.

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