Blurr Movie Release Date

Taapsee Pannu's debut movie as a producer, Blurr, has been released on OTT. Taapsee's movie Blurr is the Hindi remake of the Spanish movie Julia's Eyes. Blurr is a movie about twin sisters named Gayatri and Gautami. In the hills of Uttarakhand, Gayatri is trying to find the man who killed her twin sister Gautami. Taapsee Pannu's character Gayatri is blindfolded.


The movie is directed by Ajay Bahl and produced by Taapsee Pannu. The screenplay of Blurr could be more exciting and engaging. Taapsee Pannu played the lead role of Gayatri, and she did a fantastic job in part. She captured the essence of the twin characters and brought them to life on screen. The acting in the Blurr Movie will keep you entertained from beginning to end.


The movie was shot in Uttarakhand, and the locations were chosen carefully to create the right look and feel. The cinematographer did a great job of capturing the beauty of Uttarakhand in the movie. The final verdict on the Blurr movie is that it is a one-time watch! The movie can be appreciated for Taapsee Pannu's excellent performance. The direction by Ajay Bahl is also excellent.

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