Revain Blockchain Based Review Platform

Revain is offering legit Products, Services, Business, reviews to bring transparency into Review Industry.
A standard ambitious revain review platform based on emerging technologies with the motive to provide authentic feedback on global products.
Revain is a platform providing honest AI-scanned & Blockchain-based Product and company reviews. The catalog of reviews includes a vast range of companies and products.
From pet supplies to E-commerce outlets, they have got all of them covered. Founded in 2018, and since then compiled about 5,820,198 reviews in total. Through their AI-based mechanism, they rank a business and service.
The platform currently comprises 176,615 companies and 43,953 authors on it.
Below every product, service, or company listed, they show several reviews and ratings of the same, which helps the system rank it. For service providers and businesses, it's a platform of great authority to register their products and services.
In addition, business owners can use the Revain widgets to integrate into their website so that users can rate the products on the website itself. And the review would appear on both the official site of the company and on Revain.
They are a trustworthy feedback site powered by blockchain technology. Revain encourages independent authors and ordinary users to curate reviews and ratings for the product listed on the platform.
Being inquisitive enough to read feedback before buying a product can save one from dealing with inconsistency later.
Furthermore, by availing authentic user real-time experience of the product and services leveraged via the blockchain-based system, they help future buyers choose the best.
Revain is an innovative project which tolerates no meddling with the ratings and reviews.
Also, the reviews section has the option to share pictures which eventually adds to the authenticity of the products.
Revain encourages writers to review products at their site through their reward system. Revain filters out high-quality reviews through its AI scan mechanism. Only the best AI-approved reviews become eligible for rewards.
Revain benefits everyone, whether it's a writer who can earn by objectively assessing a product or companies who can get their services inspected. To learn more about them, visit their site at
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