There are many reasons why you are facing an issue during the Linksys extender setup. In this post, we will tell you some troubleshooting tips. Let’s Dive in. Fails to Join With Linksys WiFi Extender Improper placement of the Linksys range extender s

There are many methods by which you can increase the range of WiFi, but in this blog, you can only increase WiFi's capacity in one way. So, read this carefully. 


Let’s start. 


Most people don’t know about this.

Purchase Linksys WiFi Range Extender

Linksys WiFi extender is a device that easily extends the router's range. It lies between the router or where you want to establish an extender. 

Benefits of an Extender

  • It removes all dead zones of your office and house.
  • It comes in an economical budget. 
  • Linksys range extender is easily compatible with every router.
  • It extends the range of the router.
  • The installation process of the Linksys extender is very easy. 

Pre-requirements During Extender Setup

  • First, the essential thing is you must have a Linksys range extender and a power adaptor. 
  • Without these things, you can’t enter in Linksys Extender Login portal. 
  • In addition, you will require one ethernet cable to join your extender device to a computer. 
  • However, there are many other types of options such as WiFi.
  • In most cases, WiFi works better but it still depends on which type of connection is best as per your situation. 

Setup Linksys Range Extender

There are two methods by which you can easily do a Linksys Extender Setup


Setup an Extender Via Web UI

  • For doing this method, open any type of web browser and type the IP address in the URL bar.
  • Enter your username and password in the Linksys account and tap on login. 

Note: If you don’t know the model number of the router then checks the tag of the product or at the bottom of the device. 


  • Overwrite all the previous settings and choose start over, if you had an extender before. 
  • Tap on ‘Get Started’ from the setup page of an extender.
  • Join your Linksys account via WPS.


Setup an Extender Via WPS 

If you get fail in setup after trying the first method then don’t worry you can try another method to set up an extender with a router. Follow these steps.

  • First, place the power plug of an extender in the power socket. 
  • After that, press the WPS button of an extender. 
  • Just within 2 minutes press the WPS button on your router.
  • Verify that they both are placed in the same room.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes to see the solid blue LED light on your both devices.
  • As a result, the light indicates that the connection between the extender and router is successfully done. 


We hope you are now happy just like a clown after reading this article. Thanks for reading this post.


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