How to Make It in Hollywood

You probably have that feeling in your gut that's telling you Hollywood is your destination. You've let it sit for a while, and it's only getting stronger. But how do you make it happen? Well, it's going to be work. It may even take years. Are you ready to make the leap?
Get rid of your plan A. If you have a fallback, you're going to use it – point blank. So that boring data entry job you have? Don't fall in love with it. Don't type your life away, spending 60 hours a week inputting numbers and zapping you of any energy you have to go out and pursue what you actually want to pursue. This needs to be your only option, otherwise you might back out.
There's a phrase when it comes to Hollywood: “If you can do anything else, do it.” The ones that make it in Hollywood never see themselves doing anything else. This has to be your future. Nothing else is possible.- tunnel rush
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