What are the types of Post-Traumatic Headaches?

Headache is one of the Long COVID-19 syndromes after COVID-19 infection. One of the post covid brain symptoms, headaches, sometimes appear with the initial infection, sometimes delayed for a period of time, manifesting as intermittent or daily chronic headaches. Daily chronic headaches often occur with other Long COVID symptoms, most commonly long covid brain fog.

Chronic headaches are often characterized by daily chronic migraines, or more commonly head tightness, also known as chronic tension headaches. Concussions can also trigger post-traumatic headaches in different areas of the head. The most common subtype was temple pain, followed by forehead, neck, back of the head, and eyes.

Not all post-traumatic headaches are the same. Many different mechanisms may be involved, and a headache diary may be useful: write notes about the location, cause, sensation, remedy, pain level, and duration of the headache. Writing down how you feel and what you can do to help relieve your headache will not only help you understand how to better manage your symptoms, but will also help your doctor pinpoint what is causing your persistent PTH.

In How To Remove Long COVID Headache?, we describe PTH presenting as tension-type headache, migraine, cervicogenic headache, and medication overuse headache. Analysis of the pathogenesis of coronavirus-induced chronic headaches revealed that persistent activation of the immune system and activation of the trigeminal neurovasculature are considered to be one of the causes of post-COVID-19 headaches.

LongCovidCareCenter summarized the treatment ideas of Western medicine for this disease, and found that the current treatment is mainly guided by the existing phenotype guidelines related to primary headache. Types of headaches include post-traumatic headaches similar to tension-type headaches, post-traumatic headaches similar to migraines, and post-traumatic headaches similar to cervicogenic headaches.

LongCovidCareCenter recommends some traditional Chinese medicines, including Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments, to treat headache-related symptoms. In addition, this article also recommends supplementation, as well as exercise, diet, and sleep, for patients with Long COVID-19 chronic headache symptoms.

If you have a history of COVID-19, that is to say, your previous PCR test was positive, you did not have headaches before contracting COVID-19, but now you have some of the above symptoms of chronic headaches, you may be affected by daily chronic headaches. Headache post COVID-19 symptom distress.

LongCovidCareCenter hopes that the proposed treatment plan for Long COVID-19 symptoms of chronic headaches can improve patients' symptoms as soon as possible, so as to benefit patients and even cure these chronic headache symptoms caused by the novel coronavirus. If you are suffering from COVID-induced headaches, brain fog and other symptoms that have a great impact on your life, please go to the community hospital in time, or consult LongCovidCareCenter online for post covid brain fog treatment.

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