Multi-functional Key Rings

Promotional key rings work well as promotional items because they're useful items that are small and easy to stow in a bag or pocket. Most people have at least one key ring, and many people have two or three or even more just for decorative purposes. acrylic pin How can you make sure your key ring gets used over any others that your gift recipients already have? One way is by giving out key rings that have additional purposes. The online store key chain range includes key chains that double as torches, bottle openers, and other useful attachments.

The most popular multi-functional key rings are those that include a light. There are several lighting styles to choose from, including bulb lights and LED lights, and each is enclosed in a sturdy metal or plastic casing. Several of the metal styles include laser engraving, which is a great way of ensuring that your chosen advertising message will last a long time. One of the most exciting options in this range is the Bullet Multi Color key chain light, which features a cylindrical silver torch with three different bright LED light colors.

Another option for the multi-functional key ring is an acrylic key ring that includes a bottle opener attachment. These key rings are available in a very large range of bright colors, including neons and opaque tinted acrylic. Depending on the color option you choose, you can also have your key ring printed on both sides, for twice the advertising at one great price-these key rings start at just ¤0.48 per unit for a single color design on both sides.Also included in the key chain range online stores are digital clock key rings-available starting at ¤1.29 per item, this option is great value for money, and very attractive in silver metal with black or orange trim.

Many women prefer a more stylish and classic look when it comes to utility items such as key chains-for the ladies, there's a compact metal key ring that includes a photo frame, mirror, and magnetic clasp. Available in nickel and chrome with precision laser engraving, this is a very stylish option that any woman will be happy to own. These promotional keyrings start at ¤3.24 per unit, and for an additional cost they can be supplied in a dark blue suede-look pouch to create an attractively-presented gift.One very unusual key ring design is the Pin Memory-Safe metal key ring. This cylindrical object is not only a key ring, it's also a way for the recipients of the item to keep important information such as lock combinations and pin codes safe.

When it comes to promotional items, the longevity of your gifts is very important. The longer your promotional items are used, the more chances you have to generate exposure for your business. Multi-function key rings are definitely a good promotional idea, and represent great value for money, too. With two or more different functions in the same small item, it's twice as useful and is much more likely to be kept and used by your clients.

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