How Does COVID-19 Cause Brain Fog Symptoms?

A large proportion of Long COVID-19 symptoms are related to neurologic symptoms, and some medical communities have used the colloquial term brain fog to facilitate a consistent taxonomy and description of brain-related post-COVID-19 symptoms. brain fog post covid was not previously considered a medical or scientific term, but rather a colloquial description of a state in which people cannot think clearly when they have the flu or other illnesses. Ordinary people use the fog in the brain to describe the problems that occur in ordinary cognition or thinking, such as dizziness, tinnitus, inability to concentrate, memory loss, slow thinking speed, inability to think sharply without creativity, difficulty in formulating plan etc.

During recovery from COVID-19, many patients say they experience brain fog. According to the figures given in the research report, about 10% of patients infected with COVID-19 will develop Long symptoms of COVID-19. At present, the medical community is used to classifying the symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus caused by COVID-19 infection as Long COVID brain fog. According to statistics in the research report, up to 60% of Long COVID-19 patients have some degree of dizziness or vertigo, and up to 30% of patients have some degree of tinnitus. Dizziness, vertigo, and tinnitus, these three symptoms have a very high degree of overlap.

The response of the human immune system to the site of infection of the new coronavirus is divided into two stages. Initially, the immune system mobilizes macrophages and polymorphonuclear phagocytes (eg, neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils) to rapidly arrive at the site of infection to control the infection. In the next stage, the body's immune system needs about 4 days to learn to establish adaptive immune mechanisms, including T cell-mediated immune mechanisms to resolve infections, and to produce B system-mediated antibodies to clear pathogens, new coronaviruses, and prevent reinfection.

According to the How To Get Rid Of Long Covid-19 Brain Fog?, Because the new coronavirus is very easy to mutate, as more and more coronavirus variants appear, the immune evasion ability becomes stronger and stronger, which makes the antigen (HLA) produced by the human immune system less effective in clearing the new coronavirus, which means There are a small number of new coronaviruses that escape immunity. The new coronavirus in some patients has not been completely cleared, but because the human immune system is suppressing these coronaviruses, the content of the new coronavirus is too small, so that the PCR test is negative.

For patients infected with the new coronavirus, the virus also invades the cardiovascular system of the human body and spreads to various organs and tissues of the human body along with the blood circulation. Studies have shown that in addition to the acute phase of infection with the new coronavirus, the coronavirus can also directly enter the cardiovascular system through the ACE2 receptors expressed on the membranes of vascular endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes, causing cell damage. Some coronaviruses remaining in the body will also accumulate in the interstitial cells and resident macrophages of the heart for a long time. These tiny residual coronaviruses result in negative PCR tests and persistent damage to the pericardial tissue. And this continuous heart damage can lead to unstable blood pressure, which can easily cause dizziness.

Studies have shown that if the coronavirus further invades the epithelial cells in the olfactory bulb, such as capillary epithelial cells, and destroys the electrical signal transmission between the olfactory neurons and the mitral valve, it can cause inflammation of the olfactory bulb and even atrophy of the neurons. If the virus further invades the olfactory brain, it is the part of the limbic system responsible for encoding and decoding the olfactory electrical signal. This prevents electrical signals from the olfactory nervous system from being properly understood and manipulated by the brain, and is one of the causes of cognitive dysfunction.

LongCovidCareCenter will recommend some traditional Chinese medicines based on the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine formulas and acupuncture treatment, to treat dizziness symptoms. In addition, this article also recommends that patients with Long COVID-19 dizziness take health supplements, as well as exercise, diet and sleep. Treatment options for post covid brain symptoms can benefit patients by enabling early improvement of symptoms, and even cure these COVID-induced dizziness symptoms.

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