What Is Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can turn out to be a huge problem for the entire household. With everything stuck, it can turn into a massive headache.

If your drains are showing even the slightest chance of slowing down, you must take them seriously.

When it comes to drain cleaning services, it is best done by a professional. Our sinks are constantly under heavy usage, and the constant flow of soap scum, oils, grease, and other junk can lead to clogged pipes.

Therefore, doing it by yourself can become a greater problem or cause serious damage to the pipe.

How to Know When It’s Time for A Drain Clean

Using a drain cleaner is a viable option if you are facing clogged drain issues. But the best way to deal with this is to call in a profession.

The chemical solution is unreliable and will not bring any prolonged outcomes. It can even be harmful to the pipes and the overall home’s plumbing system.

There are certain steps that can let you know when it’s time to call in a professional:

  • Slow Drainage: Are you lately noticing bathroom sinks or kitchen not draining as quickly as they should? It is one of the most prominent signs that some gunk is building up in the drains and acting as an obstacle against the smooth flow of water.
  • Persistent Clogging: It is normal for the sink to clog up if you are draining down too much and all too quickly. But if you are experiencing this quite frequently, you will likely face a serious clogging issue. And loads of build-up are taking place that you need to take out of the drains.
  • Sucking Sounds: If the drains have ample build-up inside, you are likely to hear some unusual sounds. Drains that are getting choked up by debris make a gurgling sound since the water is forcing itself down against the build-up. It is quite an obvious indication that the drains need cleaning.


Drain cleaning through professionals can lead to lasting outcomes. They have all the tools and techniques to resolve frustrating problems and other additional problems with precision.

A liquid drain cleaner would need to do the job more effectively, and you would be likely to face the problem consistently. If you are looking for quality outcomes, Empire Rooter and Drain is here to assist you in every way.


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