squishy body armor material could save lives

squishy body armor material could save lives

It’s bright orange, it’s squishy, it stretches like taffy — and it is unlike any body armor you’ve ever seen.To get more news about bulletproof level 4, you can visit bulletproofboxs.com official website.

If you were attacked with a baseball bat and you were wearing this bright orange goop under your clothes, then your attacker might as well have swung a toothpick at you — the goop will take the hit for you and absorb the strike.
D3O concocted this remarkable, soft, stretchy, flexible, orange material that absorbs shock. Incorporated into their TRUST line of armor, there is a wide range available from helmets, chest, back and knuckle armor through to elbow, knee and foot protection. Orange goo-fortified options can shield you head to toe against blunt force trauma.

Sure, the raw material looks, and feels, like very orange Silly Putty. But this advanced material is the key to ultra-lightweight body armor that feels like you are wearing regular apparel.Blunt force trauma to the abdomen can be dangerous. A swing of a tire iron at your belly could lead to possible abdominal organ contusions and ruptures — D3O armor can absorb that sort of strike and reduce those injuries.

A serious blow to the head could mean concussion or even death. D3O helmet liners absorb the impact, take the beating for you, and reduce these serious risks.

How does it work?

The TRUST armor is soft and flexible until it gets struck. At impact, the goo stiffens, providing a shield to absorb the attack.

The result? The amount of force transmitted to your body is greatly reduced and a wearer will not feel the blow — or at least experience a significantly reduced impact. Once the blow is absorbed, the goo-infused apparel goes back to its soft, flexible, smushy mode.
What is it made of?

The D3O secret sauce is proprietary and highly sophisticated, employing advanced polymer chemistry. On the most simplistic level, molecules move about freely in the soft material. When hit, the molecules lock, absorbing and dispersing the energy from the impact. The molecules then return to moving freely and the material becomes flexible again.
Patrolling on foot, catching criminals, physical dispute intervention, public disorder incidents, traffic stops, searches and suspects who resist capture are just a few of the many ways police officers can end up suffering a blunt force trauma injury.

Those who serve our nation deserve every possible protection —and they need protection that won’t hinder their ability to do their job. They need light protection that doesn’t slow them down or inhibit movement.D3O’s bright orange goo helps achieve both protection and unrestricted movement at the same time. Unlike traditional heavy, clunky, hot, awkward-fitting armor, the TRUST armor is a comfortable armor to wear because it bends, stretches and breathes with smart air flow designs — while still providing a high degree of protection from the sort of blunt force trauma that commonly occurs.

Some scenarios will require maximum ballistic protection, but in other scenarios with a different threat assessment, the conventional heavy armor may not be necessary and a lighter, less restrictive armor could be a better solution.Since mere millimeters of thickness can provide serious protection, it also means G3O is a great choice for undercover or covert type work. It can be worn under regular clothes, and deliver low profile, if not invisible, protection.

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