QelviQ – Solving your Wine Serving Temperature problem

There is nothing quite like enjoying a glass of red and white wines in a relaxed setting, that is exactly what Xavier Verellen and his sister Helena Verellen were doing on a beautiful summer day, the only thing that was off was the taste of the wine because of the absence of wine refrigerators, even though it was a wonderful bottle.

They figured out that the wine was being served too warm, so Xavier started spending time with sommeliers and wine experts to learn more about the importance of wine serving temperature.  

And it was a truly fascinating journey that made the mission to solve this problem once and cut down the role of ice bucket for all, even more important.  Serving temperature is vital to the enjoyment of wine.  If the wine is too warm, it can taste flat and uninteresting. But if it is too cold, it can taste sharp and astringent.   

So over the next few years, Xavier gathered a great team of engineers, product designers, and developers as well as sommeliers to help the quest to solve the problem.  And after 8 long years, 315 prototypes, 36 product iterations, and four live production sets, QelviQ, Your Personal Sommelier and is now ready to be enjoyed by all wine lovers.   

QelviQ, Your Personal Sommelier is a state-of-the-art digital personal sommelier that brings your wine to the optimal serving temperature.  It is accompanied by an innovative app, Ask QelviQ, which advises you on the ideal serving temperature for that wine, suggests great dishes to go with your wine of choice, keeps track of your inventory, and you can always ask any other wine related questions.  

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