Forty thousand years of cultivation

Before consciousness sank completely into darkness, Mantis Armor stared at the strange star in front of the tracked psionic puppet and groaned in confusion. The thought circuit is reconnected. The database is again replicated and agglomerated. From the underlying architecture to the operational logic, endless algorithms are colliding and combining to build a glittering edifice from nothingness. The champion has restarted. It quickly scanned its surroundings and found itself in a sealed space filled with putrid gas and sticky mud, with violent explosions and shocks coming from above. Its core crystal brain is connected to three small auxiliary crystal brains, which are embedded in the body of a bony spiritual device. Judging from the different materials of the hands and feet, it should be a temporary patchwork of junk. But the method of connection and assembly is surprisingly comfortable, even a little more sophisticated than its own technology, no, much more sophisticated. It moves its fingers slowly, its steel and iron limbs, but it has the smoothness of silk and the greasiness of cheese, which is really an incredible assembly technology. It perceived two objects in the cold mud that continuously released infrared rays, which were the little ones that two humans "ate" together last night. There is also a tracked psionic golem, one of its kind. The boxing champion is awake! Hunter and Liuli cheered at the same time. Where is this? The champion tried to control the new voice symbol array,uns s31803 sheet, "You saved me?" "This is an abandoned sewage pipe somewhere under Xiaoyao City." Now, there is nothing to hide, Li Yao said, "I saved you, and by the way, I helped you change a new body. There are no handy tools and materials here. I can only make do with some scrap copper and iron. Don't mind." "A body made of scrap metal?" The boxing champion was silent for a moment and continued to move his new limbs,316l stainless steel pipe, making a sharp stab and saying, "But my core crystal brain interface should be incompatible with other crystal brains. How can you solve this problem?" "Well, is that a question?" Li Yao did not know how to explain, "I got a converter casually and connected it." The boxing champion did not seem to be used to Li Yao's real way of speaking. He was stunned for a while before he continued to ask: "How long have I been dormant? What is the situation outside?" "About two or three hours." Li Yao said, "It's busy outside. Lei Zonglie, the boxing champion, and Xiahou, the Lord of Xiaoyao City, have been killed unintentionally. Now the Elysium of Xiaoyao City has become a city without a master. Whoever has a big fist can become the new master of Xiaoyo City. At least, all the villains and bandits think so and do so." They'ping-pong 'on the top of the fight, uns s32750 sheet ,x70 line pipe, and those strange guys who claimed to be assassins and mercenaries in the Thorn Valley added fuel to the flames, fanned the flames, the situation has been completely out of control, it is estimated that more than half of the people died, it is impossible to stop, right? "It's such a mess that we just fish in troubled waters and flee to this place to rest for a while and sort out the next step." But first, I want to know who you are, or whether you are human. Hunter and Liuli were surprised and cast a surprised look at the boxing champion. After a moment's thought, the boxing champion nodded generously: "Of course I am not human, but your kind, a kind of artificial intelligence." "What!" Hunter and Liuli exclaimed, and their suspicious eyes swept between Li Yao and the boxing champion. Great news, the simplified version of this book "Star Field Forty Thousand Years" will finally be on the market! Scatter flowers to celebrate! For details, you can go to Lao Niu's Sina Weibo and pay attention to "Wo Niu Zhen Ren Zun"! Thank you brothers and sisters for your strong support, thank you for your recommendation, thank you all! Chapter 2020 the story of the boxing champion. "Sure enough!" Li Yao knew that the boxing champion must have misunderstood. Think about it, is it not the real secret of the boxing champion that he made up his false identity? With such a coincidence, it is no wonder that the boxing champion regards him as the same kind. Li Yao thought for a moment and said, "We are all lost in the world. The outside environment is so dangerous. We should be open and honest and work together. To tell you honestly, I am not an artificial intelligence, but a remnant of soul. I can barely be regarded as a ghost repair!" At this point, Li Yao can't help laughing: "In other words, I am a ghost practitioner disguised as a psionic puppet, but you are a psionic puppet disguised as a ghost practitioner. We are all brothers and sisters." It's amazing to think that this psionic puppet named "boxing champion" is so advanced that its artificial intelligence is at least developed to the level of "super-spiritual body". Not long ago, Li Yao was still fighting fiercely in the Xingyao Federation with the "super spirit body" under the flag of Tianmo outside the territory. He did not expect that now he would be open and honest with a "super spirit body" and might fight side by side? Li Yao is a little confused. He doesn't know whether he should hate, fear or be close to the "super-spiritual body" of the boxing champion. How is that possible? Over the past few decades, I have studied countless psionic puppets, including models similar to mine that can learn and upgrade independently, and I have also met tens of thousands of ghosts who have carefully tried to figure out the mystery of their souls. You can fool others, but you can't fool me. The form of the spirit you simulate is obviously very different from that of human beings. It should be several levels of artificial intelligence higher than me. How can it be human? Li Yao: … Ha The boxing champion said, "The first time we met, I only had a vague feeling, but the second time you made a move on the battlefield, I was absolutely sure of this. Otherwise,x52 line pipe, how could you enter the hall and enter the center of the'Great Iron City '?"? It's just that I underestimated you at that time, and I didn't expect you to be so advanced that you saved me in the end. Li Yao's primordial spirit broke out in a cold sweat: "You, are you wrong?" 。
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