Apartment in hell

Shangguan sleep is still in the basement to see if there will be a letter to send out, midnight and white feather came to the second floor, she opened the letter to see, however, see the last few lines of the letter, her hand can not help but tremble slightly. The contents of the letter are as follows. Leon: Sorry, I forgot the girl's name, too. But she does seem to be afraid of her father. Looking back now, it feels like a dream. At that time, after we finally let her open her heart to us, we took her to play everywhere in Kongming Mountain. The mountain is very close to the sea, so we went to the beach several times. The child finally showed some hearty laughter. But if her father was mentioned, she kept her mouth shut, refused to say anything more, and her eyes showed a trace of fear. However, if this matter is not mentioned, she still appears to be lively, no longer just a person looking at the book of fairy tales. I don't know how the child is doing now? I always find it hard to forget the look in her eyes. Remember that day when the three of us were playing on the beach, she built a castle with sand. The child's hands-on ability is very strong, and soon a sand castle is ready. Then she said to us, 'In the future,outdoor ficus tree, when a prince and a princess get married, they will live in this beautiful castle. Just like your brothers and sisters. Then I said, 'a lovely little girl like you will live in a castle like this.' But her answer at that time was beyond my expectation. I can't be as lucky as a princess. Even if the princess was captured by the devil, there can also be a prince to save her, but I am not the same, no one saved me from the devil's side. At that time, we all felt abnormal. You asked her,fake blossom tree, 'Who is the devil? Who is the demon that captured you? ' I asked directly, 'Is it your father? You mean the devil, isn't he? ' Then she seemed to hesitate for a moment and nodded slightly. 'He's A demon. I hate him, but I can't get away from him. ' Looking back now, that man was, as she said, a devil. And that was the beginning of our tragedy. I remember that when I got home that day, my father suddenly said to me, "I can't marry you.". At that time, for me, everything was like a bolt from the blue. Everything is caused by that demon. If I had been more decisive and run away with you, maybe I wouldn't be locked up in this basement now. I really want to see you. I really want to see you. Leon, do you want to see me, too? Can I come to see you? All right? Please be sure to write back to me. Love your unhappiness. After reading the letter, Midnight squeezed his temples a few times, artificial grass panels ,silk ficus tree, while Bai Yu was stunned. What, what does that mean? Pointing to the last few paragraphs, Bai Yu said nervously, "What do you mean, 'Let me see you'?"? Could it be, could it be, that she was coming out? This is a situation that no one expected. Originally thought that the need to forge a reply, the ghost did not write a reply in time, or the reply was sent to the opposite side of the accident, however, now there is such a situation! What will happen if this letter is sent and the reply is "OK, you come here"? "The apartment is really not playing by the rules." Holding the piece of letter paper tightly, Midnight raised his head and said, "I can't help it. This letter can't be sent." "I don't understand," Bai Yu kept scratching his head and asked, "If you can leave the basement and go to the Corona Hall, why do you keep writing letters inside? It's like they're locked down in the basement. At first I thought it was an apartment restriction, but it doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. "The apartment was done on purpose." Midnight said, "It forces us to forge a reply.". The restrictions imposed by the apartment should only be able to communicate with each other after establishing communication, because the contents of the letter are responded to before leaving the basement. On the contrary, if there is no correspondence, they will just stay in the basement. ” "Really very strange," the white feather also feels the logic is too far-fetched: "Obviously may leave the basement, actually does not gather together, this is why? If the apartment imposes restrictions, it will be fine, but if there are no restrictions, it will be too strange. But Midnight said calmly, "This is not surprising at all.". To be able to get out of the basement, I expected it. Midnight's answer was beyond Bai Yu's expectation. There's nothing strange about it. Midnight analysis: "If we can not leave the basement, then we are not as long as we do not enter the basement, the word in blood can easily pass?"? Anyway, as long as the letter is delivered on time. Obviously, the letter is necessary to trigger the two ghosts to leave the basement. Because of the limitations of the apartment, I still have to write to each other all the time, and then I will leave the basement because of the content of the letter. This twisted logic itself is imposed on him by the apartment. Even if it seems unreasonable to ordinary people, it will be no problem as long as the difficulty of scarlet is balanced. Twisted, confused logic is a very common and natural thing for an apartment. Just as Xia yuan was regarded as a "thing" when he first executed the scarlet letter at midnight, the ghost disguised as an umbrella on the midnight bus was regarded as a "passenger". Confused logic is an obvious feature of the apartment's scarlet letters. Midnight has long been familiar with it. That is to say, the letter must be withheld and a reply forged. Walking to the window and looking at Li Yin in the opposite window, she took out her cell phone and dialed the phone. After all, seven meters away, the conversation is not very convenient, and too loud also afraid of being heard by the ghost in the basement. She took the letter paper and said to Li Yin, "Li Yin, listen to me.". I'll read the letter with you. What I have to tell you is.. This letter cannot be delivered and must be withheld. "What?" As soon as Li Yin heard this,faux ficus tree, there were countless guesses in his mind, and before he could open his mouth, he told him the reason at midnight. The female ghost in the basement wrote in her letter that she wanted to leave the basement and come to the Corona Hall. You.. Are you serious? 。 hacartificialtree.com
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