Prehistoric Elder Martial Brother

However, the red cloud in the heart after all still has a trace of luck, but is bypassing Kunpeng to the East Emperor Tai: "Oh..". I don't know what items the Red Cloud has that are worth borrowing from the Demon Clan in such a big position. .. If it's convenient Red Cloud will not be stingy.. "Hongyun, we don't talk in secret. Today, our demon clan is here for you. I hope you can take it out.." Kunpeng's words completely broke Hongyun's luck. Suddenly, even with Hongyun's good old man's mentality, he was angry. His foundation of becoming a saint was given by Hongjun Daozu, which was even more precious. How could he send it out only by a word from your demon clan? However, although her anger was burning in her heart, Hongyun still knew that there were so many people in the demon clan that she was fighting with them purely for death. She took a deep breath and said to the East Emperor Taiyi, "My Hongmeng Ziqi is a gift from Hongjun Daozu. How can I give it to others? Will this be evil to Daozu?"? .....” Hongyun's words were also very good. He directly pulled up Hongjun's banner, pointing out that his Hongmeng Ziqi was given by Hongjun, and that it was impossible for him to give it to others. He also secretly pointed out that if you dare to rob me, you must be prepared to bear the anger of Daozu. However, Hongyun also knows that since they have already appeared here, it is obvious that they have already considered Hongjun, and they will never shrink back because of a threat from themselves. Therefore, when Hongyun answered, secretly, he crushed the notes of his old friend Zhenyuanzi and told his old friend about his situation, expecting Zhenyuanzi to come to his rescue in time. As soon as the red cloud's words fell,faux ficus tree, Kun Peng said with a strange smile: "Hey hey..". Hongyun Daoyou Don't pull the banner of Hongjun Daozu. You should know that all the people who have the holy position except you are the disciples of Daozu. It also points out the direction of their sainthood. You are the only one. There is no share for you, and there is no place for your disciples. Daozu's action must have a profound meaning. Hongyun Daoyou, you'd better hand over Hongmeng Ziqi obediently! ...” After listening to Kunpeng's words, Hongyun's face changed slightly. He also knew that Kunpeng was telling the truth. He and Zhang Han had the same holy position, but the treatment gap was too big. The disciple's quota did not have his own share, and the chance to become a saint did not even point out to himself. Is it true that Hongjun Daozu doesn't want to see himself? "For a moment, Hongyun could not help thinking sadly." Hongyun Daoyou, I wonder if you have considered it clearly? You should know that treasures are good,artificial banyan trees, but those who have virtue live in them. You should think twice, Hongyun Daoyou! "East Emperor Taiyi also said to Hongyun, but the tone was full of threats.". And around the demon clan soldiers with the words of the East Emperor Taiyi, is also a step forward, the threat of which means, at a glance. Red cloud looked around the movement of the demon clan, the heart is also a sudden, know that today is not good, to hand over Hongmeng purple gas that is impossible, although he is a good old man, but Hongmeng purple gas but related to the holy position, this temptation is too big, so big that even red cloud can not resist. As soon as he gritted his teeth slightly, Hongyun made a final struggle and said, "Your Majesty, outdoor palm trees ,fake ficus tree, why do you have to force Hongyun? I definitely won't give Hongmeng Ziqi. Please make it convenient for Your Majesty.." After that, Hongyun's eyes also looked at Donghuang Taiyi with a faint color. Unfortunately, Hongyun's struggle was futile after all, and Donghuang Taiyi soon told Hongyun with his actions that he would not give up. See, the east emperor too one in the red cloud words after a fall, in vain a cold, cold hum, "hum,, toast don't eat to punish wine, son Lang people all give me.." And around the demon clan soldiers are also prepared for the general rapid formation of a big array, an invisible space barrier is also in vain. In an instant, the red cloud was surrounded like a turtle caught in a jar. [Chapter 40 The Power of the Chaotic Clock] "Donghuang, don't bully others too much.." Feeling the space that has been locked around, a change in vain on his face, but also know that the East Emperor Taiyi is impossible to let go of himself, the tone is also becoming impolite, but the eyes are obscure flash of a trace of anxiety, "Zhenyuan Daoyou, you have to hurry up!"! ....” "Humph..". Say more unintentionally Boys, give me.. East Emperor Taiyi's face was still very cold, with a cold hum, a flash of cold light in his eyes, and a wave of his big hand, he ordered the demon soldiers around him. Hot Book Pavilion (wwW.pAosHU8.cOM _ bubble & "Boom, boom.." With the order of the East Emperor Taiyi, the soldiers of the demon clan who had formed an array around them suddenly moved at a high speed, and an amazing momentum in vain, like a roaring black dragon, soared into the sky, enveloping all the places around the tens of thousands of feet. And with the action of the demon soldiers around, the red cloud in the big array also suddenly felt the space around in vain, a strong to the extreme oppression is also a moment of Yayoi up, let the red cloud heart a burst of sulk. Hongyun, I'm asking, that Hongmeng Ziqi, do you give it or not.. ", at this time, the East Emperor Taiyi also doesn't want to make too much noise, after all, Hongyun is also the top power in the world of flood and famine, if he wants to win him, he also needs some means, besides, Hongmeng Ziqi is not just one of their demon clan. In order to avoid their own hard work for others to make a wedding dress, the East Emperor Taiyi or again asked a sentence. Hum, dream.. "Red cloud cold hum a, direct refusal way.". Red cloud's words completely shattered the idea of the East Emperor Taiyi,large artificial blossom trees, the East Emperor Taiyi also did not speak, but the original cold face became more cold, looking at the eyes of the Red Cloud as if looking at the dead.
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