What is warning tape?

Searching for non-reflective and reflective warning tapes? You have come to the right place. Luminescent Tape - Hi Vis Warning Tape. The highly visible marking tape is ideal for marking floors and doorways. The luminescent light lasts up to 1 hour; it has a reflective design for high visibility during bad light or smoke. It allows employees to clearly see marked doorways or floors. This is excellent for improving health and safety standards. It is available in 3 variations, red/ lux white, black/ lux white and pure lux white. All rolls come in 50mm and 100mm widths, while the pure lux-white also comes in 25mm width.To get more news about Warning Tape, you can visit senpinghz.com official website.
Next on the list is Retro Reflecting Hi Vis Tape. It is a highly visible tape for highlighting important or hazardous areas. It has an extra-strong self-adhesive backing. It sticks to almost any surface, warns pedestrians and motorists to dangerous areas. This can be placed on doorways, floors, steps etc. It will remain firmly in place at all times.The reflective tape offers an effortless and affordable way to warn workers about potential hazards in badly lit areas. It comes with an extra-strong adhesive that can stick to almost any surface, whether you place it on machinery, around door ways or on walls, the tape will remain fixed so that you don’t have to replace it on regular basis. The tape comes in two colours red/white and yellow/ black. Rolls are 25m long, so you will be able to mark many obstacles without having to run out of tape soon. This and other such products are available on our Pittman website - call us today for more details!
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