Best Tactical Helmets : Bump & Ballistic

For some people, there’s a certain appeal to owning the same thing as (or at least something similar to) what actual soldiers are using. Some veterans enjoy owning tactical items because it connects them to their time in service.To get more news about bulletproof level 4, you can visit official website.

And some people just enjoy the practical aspect of tactical items, like durable protection and lots of pockets.Regardless of which of these groups you fit in, the tactical helmet is an awesome and practical piece of tactical equipment to add to your collection.
1. Hard Head Veterans ATE Gen 2
You can rest assured that Hard Head Veterans knows their stuff because tac helmets are all they do.
They are veteran-owned and operated and their entire team is connected to military or law enforcement in some way.

On top of that, they perform rigorous safety testing on all of the tac helmets that they sell and offer an incredible warranty.We’ve used their Gen 1 helmet (above) in our Best Night Vision Goggles article and we recently reviewed their Gen 2 with Micro Lattice Pads.

Their Gen 2 version is completely redesigned too…from the front adapter to the side rail adapters.
Anything made by Crye is top of the line, amazing quality, designed for combat, and priced accordingly.

The AirFrame is no exception – clocking in at a cool $1,100, it is a no-frills design that is an industry leader in protection.

Ballistically rated, lightweight, and designed to be compatible with the most comment NVGs and hearing protection on the market the AirFrame also sports the ability to be reconfigured based on the mission at hand.
3. Lancer Tactical Bump Helmet
First off – no, this is not the same Lancer famous for their AR-15 magazines.

This is a bump helmet, so it won’t offer ballistic protection. Of course, most of us aren’t often in situations where getting shot in the head is a big concern.
Ballistic helmets are often several times more expensive than bump helmets, a lot of extra money to spend on something that’s not a high priority.

If you’re more concerned with protecting your head from bumps and bruises rather than gunfire and you want the ability to mount accessories, the Lancer Tactical provides that at a cheap price point.The helmet features dovetail accessory rails on each side and a front mount for a camera or optics. It also has bungee strips for attaching lightweight hook-sided devices like battery packs and lights.

  1. Team Wendy LTP EXFIL and EXFIL Carbon
    The Cadillac of non-ballistic bump helmets, Team Wendy is huge in the search & rescue community due to their attention to detail, high quality, and innovative design.

Enter…their LTP EXFIL. We’ve been testing this one out for over a year and we love it.Lightweight, easy to wear, lots of options for mounting NVGs, white lights, and more – Team Wendy helmets are perfect for protecting your head and enhancing your capabilities.

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