Jianghu is a little bit Su recently.

Yan Laoer's parents died early, and his grandfather raised him. Bad things started more than ten years ago. At that time, I didn't know what classics were popular. Officials searched for classics everywhere, and Xiling was no exception. As Chen Ba thought about it, he said, "a local official? All of a sudden, I thought of the Yan family. His family has been collecting poetry and books for generations. There are a lot of miscellaneous books in the family. They all said they wanted to hand them over.". Yan old man refused, refused to also just, a thousand should not, he should not say that the books are buried with the ancestors. At that time, the parents of Xiling were officials, and now they are also celebrities. Do you know the old man of Mohism? He led people to dig the ancestral graves of the Yan family, and the grandfather of Yan Laoer could not bear such humiliation, so he broke a rope. Su Ying was startled, like a thunderbolt exploding in her ears: "Ink.." Mo Xinfang? Yao's grandfather?! Yes, although the Mohist family has been friends with their own family since childhood, Ah Niang has always said that their family used to be an official, which is different from their own family. Later, after a certain year, our friendship faded. How could we know that it was not because of this incident. Bullying a lonely old man, digging other people's ancestral graves, indirectly forcing the dead, to be fair, if you know that your friend has done such a wicked thing, no matter what,Theobromine Powder, you will never associate with him again! Su Ying was surprised and angry on this side, but Chen Ba's tone was flat and uneventful: "Yes, it's the old man Mo Xin Fang Mo. Now many people know that the official master used to be very powerful when he was an official." Su Ying asked, "Does Yan Laoer know he did it?" "Yes, how can you not know?" Chen Ba said with a smile, "Mr. Yan is dead, and he has been convicted of withhold of information. All the family property has been confiscated, because it is said that it is the ancestral grave collection. Even the fields for sacrifice have been confiscated.". Those people are cruel and short-lived, no matter whether the Yan family has a young grandson or not,Thyroid Powder Factory, no matter what his life or death, they are driven out. Yan Laoer is also miserable, a reserved and noble playboy. In a twinkling of an eye, he is like an orphan like me. He can only eat meat by stealing birds. We knew each other at that time. When Su Ying heard this, she frowned slightly and felt pity in her eyes. "He.." she said subconsciously. How did he grow up, never hungry, never cold? After a pause, he felt that his question was too superfluous. Chen Ba clasped his hands and smiled, "I've never been hungry. I don't know how many times I can be full all the year round.". Wait a minute and feel sorry for him. This fellow is a tough character after all. He is much better than me. In those years, he didn't sleep every night. I didn't know what to do with some pieces of cloth and bamboo. I always didn't have enough to eat. His strength was not small. He could carry some rabbits to sell every other day. Then one day, he told me he was going to avenge Grandpa. Hearing this, Su Ying suddenly realized that the Yan family had a collection of classics. If the Yan family were a family of calligraphers, they would have a library of classics to transcribe and write. It is also possible that there are one or two volumes of martial arts classics. These things did not fall into the hands of the officials, but were hidden by the old man Yan on his grandson. Come to think of it, when Qingyangzi taught him, he had martial arts. It's just that Qingyangzi is running away from the chase, and time is pressing, so he doesn't notice it. This is also why, L Methylfolate Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Yan Wuji passed Zhan Lu Jian Yi to himself, but still the reason for the unparalleled martial arts. Suddenly enlightened, listen to Chen Ba again: "I think this fellow is crazy, the hair is not long neat dare to go to the official revenge.". Who would have thought that he would go to the mountains for a few days, carry down a wild boar, change a bone knife for the butcher, and go to the Mohist family. "I have been on tenterhooks for several days, fearing that someone from the government would take me and say that I was an accomplice if I didn't report what I knew.". After waiting for three days, how did he go? How did he come? He said to me, 'He has a grandson, too.' He threw away the bone knife and stopped talking about revenge. Chen Ba said with a deep sigh, "I didn't hear about it until later. The old man of the Mohist school was also under strict orders from his superiors. If he couldn't get the classics, the whole family would suffer.". I guess, Yan Laoer is afraid to know, so it is difficult to start, to put it bluntly, whose grandfather is not grandfather, whose grandson is not grandson? He wants to protect his grandson and hurt your grandfather. What can you do? Who do you think is to blame for this? We common people can only blame ourselves for our bad luck in the end. When Su Ying heard this, her heart surged and she could not calm down for a long time. In her memory, Yan Wusi and a Yao had several contacts. At first, in order to save her, a Yao went to Pear Flower Lane to find Yan Wusi to inform her. Later, in Taichu Lou, a Yao was in trouble and went to save himself. Yan no shirt has also been in the side, and did not show the slightest difference in color. Looking back now, I feel that my soul is shaking and I feel uneasy up and down. Chen Ba saw that although her face was blocked, she was surprised and angry, sad and pitiful. For a moment, I was shocked. He was a little touched and a little uncomfortable. Gradually take away some of the look of a joke, look complex way: "You don't tell him I told you, he certainly don't want others to pry into these.". I, too, was born an orphan, but I don't like to be pitied at all. Chen Ba himself did not like it, not to mention Yan Laoer, who swallowed everything by himself, seemingly magnanimous, but in fact extremely proud of himself. If his words provoked his confidante to pity him, it would be very bad. "Don't worry," said Su Ying. "I only admire him. How can I pity him?" Yan Wushen doesn't need anyone's pity. He comes from a famous family. He is proud. He carries the classics and inherits the meaning of Zhan Lu's sword. His martial arts are unparalleled in the world. There are few enemies in the world. It must be for this reason. God wants him to fight against himself all the way, fight against himself, and never die. The author has something to say: "Pigeon for a long time, here to apologize to everyone.". Some time ago, I suffered from severe cervical spondylosis, severe pain in my shoulder and could not lift it. In addition, I suffered great setbacks in my career. I was once immersed in pessimism and filled with strong self-denial every day, which also affected the writing of the novel. In fact, every day I write, every day I think I can do more, but I am not satisfied. When I write to the end, I hesitate more and more. But also gradually figured out, I write a novel, the heart moves at will, the sword comes out at will, I write my own manuscript,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, in fact, it is the same. Anyway, thank you for reading my story and reading here. Thank you. I will send red envelopes after the end to compensate everyone for the loss of the article. pioneer-biotech.com
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