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"Speaking of it, there are a lot of people in the realm of cultivation in the mortal world, people and demons." Lin Qingwan paused and said, "There are ghosts and monsters, such as Hu Xiaoying, who is familiar to everyone. I think everyone must have guessed that she is a monk by now, right?" The live broadcast room was still entangled with ghosts and various feudal superstitions. Hearing this, the netizens before the live broadcast were all excited, and then began to type. Although they had already guessed that Hu Xiaoying was a monk, there was no definite news. Lin Qingwan smiled at the camera and said, "I can tell you that Hu Xiaoying is not only a monk, but also a demon. In fact, she has never denied her true body. Have you guessed what she is?" Netizens are shocked, most people are stupefied, they are not familiar with Hu Xiaoying, if not for the shopping mall case, they do not even know who Hu Xiaoying is. But there are also some people who pay attention to Hu Xiaoying all the way. Of course, they are not Hu Xiaoying's fans, but black fans, because Hu Xiaoying used to be so annoying. However, they were also the fastest to react,Sex Enhancement Powder, so when most of the netizens were shocked, the three words "Fox Spirit!!!" Were typed together in the live broadcast room. Netizens who were still in shock were even more shocked. However, what made everyone even more shocked was that Lin Qingwan not only did not refute, but also nodded: "It seems that there are quite a lot of Xiaoying's fans in the live broadcast room. Congratulations, you guessed right. Xiaoying is a transformed six foxes." Netizen: "What should I do? I'm so scared. I've left messages on the Internet more than once criticizing her acting skills, because she really has no acting skills. Will I be retaliated?" Lin Qingwan said with a smile, "Xiaoying is a very kind fox, so you can rest assured that she will not retaliate." Other netizens also hehe that netizen,Heme Iron Polypeptide, "You think too much too late, if Ying Jie wants to revenge, you need to wait until today?"? It's not like she's a fox now. "If Sister Ying wants revenge, can you still leave a message here?" Lin Qingwan said with a slight smile, "Even if Xiaoying is not a good demon and wants to take revenge, the relevant netizens should not be afraid, because there is a realist association supervising it. They and our special department will give you justice in the end." Netizen:.. That sounds a little scary. "Is it useless to seek justice after death?" "I always feel that Sister Lin has a different kind of domineering, such as saying comforting words with a smile, but it's so scary." "Yes, although Captain Yi looks more powerful than Sister Lin and seems to have a higher force value, I also think Sister Lin is more difficult to mess with." "Sister Ying, your friend has cheated you. Come out and tell everyone that you are not such a fox spirit." "Yes, my sister Ying is a good fox spirit." "Looking back now, in the past, as long as someone scolded Hu Xiaoying as a fox spirit, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Kava Root Extract, she never seemed to refute it. Sometimes when she was in a good mood, she would nod and respond. She was a fox spirit. Is this magnanimous?"? Forgive me for thinking she was shameless. The fastest update speed, hurry to read. Chapter 606 press conference (5). "I think she is shameless, so I have to apologize to her today, because she is really a fox spirit, in fact, she is honest." I just want to know, are all foxes so beautiful? So, so if you fall in love with them, will you be using Yang to supplement Yin? I, I have good intentions. What should I do? "The one in front is a typical death under peony flowers. Being a ghost is also romantic. The key is that you can't be a ghost after you die, but dissipate between heaven and earth. In the next life, you don't know whether you will become flowers, trees, pigs, dogs, cattle and sheep." "The previous ones are really enough to apply what they have learned. This is the knowledge point just accepted." "Thank you for your praise. I've always been so excellent, but I'm also curious about whether falling in love with a fox spirit will be supplemented by Yang." Lin Qingwan coughed lightly and said, "Collecting Yang and supplementing Yin is the most inferior skill. Xiaoying was born in an aristocratic family, and her fox clan has a deep foundation. She will not practice such a skill. Of course, if you accidentally find such a demon to be your girlfriend, don't be afraid. You are welcome to call 995 to complain. After verification, we will punish the relevant demon according to the relevant regulations.". ” Netizen: "Shivering again, this is not an illusion. Sister Lin is really domineering." “66666.” Lin Ching-wan, as if she could not see these comments, went on: "Hu Hsiao-ying may be familiar to the monks who have experienced in the mortal world. But besides her, there are many monks who live in seclusion in the mortal world. They work and live like ordinary mortals." Lin Qingwan: "Because the association of practitioners has a rule that once the ability is revealed to be different from that of ordinary people, the lighter one will be fined and the heavier one will be imprisoned, so you may not find that the takeaway workers, enterprises, institutions and civil servants around you will be monks." Netizen: "I don't believe a monk will deliver takeout. He will be a civil servant with strong restraint. If you have the ability, you can give an example." Lin Qingwan said with a slight smile: "For example, a certain group has a high rate of praise for Zhen takeout. He is a member of the casual training alliance. Another example is Hu Xiaohong, Hu Xiaoying's cousin. She is a public security officer in the capital's public security system. Last year, she was rated as an advanced individual." "Shocked!" "I was too surprised to speak." "A fox spirit should go to be a policeman!!!" "Up front, it's not the scariest thing, okay? The scariest thing is that the friar would deliver takeout." "In an instant, I feel that monks are almost the same as ordinary people, and their jobs are varied, and they are almost the same as us, and they all have to make a living." "That's so sad. Yes, we all have to make a living." Next, Lin Ching-wan gave them a brief introduction to the monks who serve in the mortal world. There are really all kinds of jobs. Then it was six o'clock in the afternoon, and the live broadcast was over. Netizens are not satisfied, and they are shouting to continue. They don't mind staying up all night. Lin Qingwan and Yi Han are still considering the language, the live broadcast room has been sprayed back by netizens, "Didn't you see that Sister Lin and Captain Yi's voices are almost hoarse?"? You can watch the live broadcast at home to eat and drink,Glucono Delta Lactone, but they haven't eaten a grain of rice since they sat in front of the live broadcast at eight o'clock. They're not hungry? "They're all monks, and they have to eat?" "That is, what's wrong with working overtime? Isn't it because they have been hiding from the masses that there are so many things now?" 。
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