Lan Ling

"Chang Gong, are you lazy again?" He walked slowly forward and looked at her with a half-smile. Her face showed a trace of helplessness, "Fox, let me catch my breath, I just finished practicing with them." Heng Jia sat down beside her with a smile. "Chang Gong, what are you looking at?" "I'm looking at them. If only I had wings, I could fly around freely like them." She pointed to the goshawk passing through the blue sky, showing a look of fascination. That's not good. He bent his lips. "Then I don't know where Chang Gong is going to fly." Didn't you say we were two grasshoppers on the same line? Then I'll take you with me. She turned her head and chuckled. I'm afraid it can't fly high, "he said with a narrow smile." If it's just a winged one. Grasshopper. Chang Gong seems to be getting more and more stupid. "Who says it's a grasshopper with wings?" She glared at him and turned away from her. There was a gentle breeze, and one corner of her narrow crimson dress was bathed in the soft sunshine, showing a soft halo. Heng Jia's heart filled with a soft feeling, this is what he knew Chang Gong, ah, even if there is no shadow of sadness, always shrouded in bright and pure warmth, filtered by her simple heart, always fresh and bright, smooth and mellow, no mixed feelings, twists and turns, no desperate complaints and cries, always clear and elegant warm tones. She. I finally got through it. Not far away came a clear sound of hooves. A girl in purple stopped steadily in front of them. She got off the horse lightly and said with a smile, "Brother Heng Jia, Brother Chang Gong, what are you doing here?"? And you don't call me? "Xiao Tie, I heard you had a competition with Lieutenant Qin yesterday?" Chang Gong looked at her with interest. Under the rising sun, her beautiful face is more touching than the red willow flowers in full bloom on the Gobi. In the past four years,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Xiao Tie has grown into a slim and graceful girl. And she is suddenly very interested in learning martial arts, coupled with high talent, before there is a foundation, unexpectedly also have a model, even a lot of men are no match for her. To Chang Gong's surprise, instead of returning to her brother, Xiao Tie joined the team to expel the Turks. Chang Gong was surprised by such a change. This abominable fellow does not agree anyway, you say irritate a person not to irritate a person! Xiao Tie sat down on the grass and pulled up a piece of grass and rubbed it. Of course, you are also the future princess of Changgong. Who dares to compete with you? Heng Jia narrowed his eyes, "but I heard a lot of people say that your princess is very suitable for the King of Lanling." Xiao Tie blushed, "Brother Heng Jia, you still make fun of me, you don't know." I think it's you and Chang Gong. She lowered her voice and the thief laughed. It's more suitable for sister Chang Gong. "Xiao Tie, don't talk nonsense. The fox is my best brother." Chang Gong hurriedly clarified her relationship with Heng Jia. Oh Xiao Tie grinned, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, his eyes turned and fell on Heng Jia, and he quickly caught the faint loss in his eyes. Wang Ye, Wang Ye, you are all right here! A soldier shouted as he rode in this direction, "The Turks are plundering the border again!"! It was the Greyhawk who led the troops this time! "Greyhawk again?" Chang Gong Huo stood up. The Grey Eagle, whose real name was Mu Li, was the cousin of the Turkic Khan. He was also the most cruel and cold-blooded one of the invaders. Every time he came to lead troops to invade, he would kill a lot. Xiao Tie raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. "It's good. I'm worried that my hands are itchy. I just borrow them to practice.". See if I don't beat the shit out of them! With these words, she quickly rolled over and got on the horse. Xiao Tie.. Chang Gong suddenly called out to her, as if hesitating to speak. Xiao Tie seemed to know what she wanted to say and smiled back at her, "Brother Chang Gong, I don't want to betray my brother and brother Ah Jing more than I do." Your own country. You told me that some things are more important than family love. I want to be like you! As soon as the voice fell, she rushed out like an arrow. Xiaotie has grown up. "Heng Jia's expression is somewhat complicated.". Looking at Xiao Tie's figure, Chang Gong's eyes showed a gentle look, gently and skillfully jumped on the horse, "Fox, let's go to meet that old friend, too!" The border town, which is usually quiet, is now filled with the sound of people turning upside down. When the Turks invaded, they were most afraid of the people living nearby. Sometimes they were only robbed of their belongings, which was lucky. What was worse was that not only were their belongings robbed, but they also died in vain. His Highness Mu Li, who was called the Grey Wolf, was looking coldly at an old couple who were kneeling down to beg for mercy, waving the machete in his hand with an expressionless face. Just then, a horse whistle sounded in the distance, a clear horse whistle sounded, and there seemed to be faint smoke and dust in the distance. The sound of the horse's hooves trampling on the ground, from far to near, poured like rain, and in the dust overflowing, a giant horse suddenly came. At the same time, the side of the rear ShaSheng loud, the red vigorous whirlwind with awe-inspiring knife light, shout and drink, have not yet reacted to come over a few outside Turkish soldiers have been beheaded under the horse. Mu Li felt a flash in front of his eyes, and a red figure swept through the ranks like a burning flame, and many Turkic cavalry fell from their hands. The ferocious mask clearly showed the identity of the man. Gao Changgong, King of Lanling! The invincible God of war, King of Lanling. Almost at the same moment, he clearly felt that his subordinates seemed to be retreating unconsciously, as if there was a fear spreading from inside to outside among the Turkic cavalry. It was the cavalry of Qi who fought more and more bravely and gradually gained the upper hand. He fought this guy, too,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, but.. I've never won, and I've almost died several times. Therefore, he is not reconciled.
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