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In the spring of 2014, when the camellia was just down, I came to the Zhanglun Tower and it seemed to be a little late. At this time, I was seventeen years old and I was enrolled at the age of seven, just ten years. In today's China, this is common sense. If the time goes back to 600 years ago, in a village in the north of the city, a child who entered the school and paid ten years for it was not an easy task. Walking on the steps of Zhang Lunshan, I counted the tea petals on both sides of the road and thought about it. The crimson petals have wrinkled edges and yellowed up, like a tattered book. The former residence of Zhang Lun is not far from me, but after twenty minutes of driving Marlboro Lights, I have met him many times in books. It should be the first in the "Wenzhou", which is accompanied by his statue, which is completely in line with me. Imagine the doctor of a traditional Chinese literary person: thin, white crowned. I think the real Zhang Lun must not be able to prop up this suit as easily as this statue. I have seen a similar one when I passed the foot of the mountain. If he is hung in a history of imperial examinations in China for more than a thousand years, Zhang Lun will be overwhelmed. Even if the same dynasty is an official, I remember more of the Yu Qian, who was the first to help the change of the civil war. If you are not a neighbor, I am afraid I still do not know Zhang Lun. Suddenly a mountain wind drifted over, and it was clear. The mountains are all tea trees, so the wind must be faintly scented with flowers, like the wind and rain that has been going on for hundreds of years. Perhaps the original literati, who liked to clip the camellia between Confucius and Mencius, used it as an annotation to blend in with this taste. I suddenly woke my mind. At this time, Zhang Lun Tower is in front of me, I am at his feet. This is a seven-story gray pagoda, the porch of Feiyan, the standard of ancient China. There is a stone monument in front of the tower. The front is used to tell the story of Zhang Lun��s life. As for the back, the name of the donor is engraved. - This is a new tower. It has not been long for ten years. At least I have not seen too much time on this tower to erode. For people? The wheelbase of time begins to expand. Young as me, I don��t remember the situation when I first entered primary school ten years ago. I only know that this is the obligation of a seven-year-old child. I vaguely remember that my class was full of courageous peers on that day and looked around curiously. It rained that day, and there were osmanthus flowers outside the window. The flowers and rain fell, full of poetic loneliness. Ten years is also fast, everything in the shuttle has become chaotic, and it is today. Although it is not easy to learn, you don't have to worry about the rest of the trivial things around you Newport 100S. How did Zhang Lun, who lost his father at a young age, spend ten years before going to Beijing to take the exam? At that time, the school was probably not there. The young mother lost her father and the widowed mother was blind and obedient. This environment is not good anyway. On the old desk, a boy sat for ten years, and the scriptures that didn��t even understand the glyphs were now in the chest. I think when he saw this mountain, he felt that he was not taller than him. The gray tower, standing on the mountain. It was covered with gray masonry and marble fences, which separated it from the surrounding tea trees Wholesale Cigarettes, but the trees were not willing to stay away from it. Many shrubs had reached the branches, and they should not be able to distinguish me from gaze. With the tower, the sun shines on that day. On the top of the stone monument, the double unicorns, the spires of the Zhanglun tower, and the backs of the endless blue sky overlap. The sun suddenly squinted and looked at the tower. I suddenly found out that the statue under the mountain was not Zhang Lun. This tower is a figurative Zhang Lun. Zhang Lun was originally not publicized, whether it was before or after death. The golden bricks on the Hall of Supreme Harmony are too stubborn, and many of the courtiers have not finished the whole process, but Zhang Lun is als
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