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If you talk about what happened in elementary school Newport Cigarettes, it may be difficult to complete today, so today you will be so funny, to miss the time of worry-free time in 2005, an online game - - CS has become popular and spread on campus. Of course, we didn't play the game at the time. You can only play the first and second grade primary school students on the computer, but only then, we In the middle of the rise of a game that is still quite fashionable in the past two years - live CS. There are no props, no venues for obstacles. We started the game in the open space in the middle of the wall. This game can't be serious. At the beginning of the game, according to the zombie mode in the computer, we are also divided into zombies and soldiers. The group is surrounded by a circle, and the palms or hands are up, and the palms and the backs of the hands are grouped together. The group plays the soldiers, and the few people fall into the zombies. It is CS. In fact, this game is similar to the popular "wood flowering". Zombies are going to catch soldiers. Soldiers can shoot and block Newport 100S. When shooting, zombies have to put Slow pace, of course, the "mother body" is the selected zombie boss does not have this restriction, so the most terrible, saw to avoid far away. I am not so lucky, often become a normal zombie, often hiding behind the soldiers, relying on a quiet close attack. As a zombie, you have to look like a zombie. We are not distracted by the long zombies who wore official uniforms in ancient China. The zombies in the American blockbusters who are fierce, decadent and aggressive are the idols we imitate. The steps are to be dragged, the shoulders are pulled, and if the distance is far away, there will be a sudden humming sound in the throat to announce that we are not irritating. The soldiers ran away from time to time, turning back from time to time, taking time to shoot, and matching the gunshots on their mouths, for fear that we have caught up. At this time, I was still intoxicated in my own zombie world Marlboro Lights, and I was innocent to catch them. In the memory, this kind of picture appears in the afternoon about two or three o'clock in the afternoon, the sun is fierce, the teaching downstairs can only project a small shadow in the pillar, the rest is all sunshine, a yellow covering our body, short sleeves Through the wind, the buzzing, wet and hot atmosphere is perfect for this game. When the soldiers ran so fast, I took action. I went around the back of the school building. From that window, I could find many "tight" soldiers hiding in the corridor. Don't say it really, I smiled. At that time, my body was small. I climbed into the window and rubbed it. I jerked it. When they were at the end of the pot, they turned back. It was too late to find out that their identity had not been made public. According to the rules, they are now zombies, just use them to catch the remaining soldiers. I couldn't show up, and after explaining the matter, I would retreat and wait for them to catch up with the "teammates." Looking at them with their guns, pretending that they are still soldiers, the heart is really so proud. The time is short, but for a while the soldiers are omnipresent. Of course, sometimes they go to class and there are soldiers. They are the winners. No matter what, in the end we will all get the sweat and the breeze and laughter of the full summer. It��s been nearly a decade in a blink of an eye. At that time, it��s so young, there��s nothing to play, it��s serious, and when I woke up, I��ve got a lot of comments in my dreams: the author has spent his youth unconsciously. Young, no one doubts where time goes, because time is fully devoted to the childhood games. The article focuses on the exposition, the description is exquisite, the movements in the game, laughter, and the psychology all carry the sensational temperature, which triggers the reader's memories of childhood.
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