Blue World City Islamabad

Islamabad city’s most exclusive housing project is Blue World City. In addition, the BGC and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Firm are running on a significant project. The housing community lies on the Rawalpindi Circular Road and Chakri Junction. It is presently regarded as one of the inexpensive accommodation procedures in the area and has achieved much popularity from monetary experts.
Additionally, online instalment, online validation of the membership certificate, and request status. Many beautiful districts in this neighbourhood, including General Block, Overseas Block, and Blue Hills Country Farms, make up the division of this Society. The Blue World Economic District, the stunning Orbital Flats, reasonable Awami Villas, and the affordable Awami Residential Complex.
Right now it is one of the most affordable housing projects in the area and has become quite popular among investors. For those looking to invest in a high-investment-return residential scheme, then this is the best option.
Blue World City is also providing online services such as blue world city verification, Online Installment, Certificate of registration online Verification, and Application Status.
Blue World City Islamabad is divided into several Blocks such as General Block, Overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Apartments, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex.

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BWC Owner & Developers:

Blue Group of Companies is this magnificent housing Society developer. Saad Nazir is the proprietor of this Society. To ensure and carry out the guarantee of top-notch development. The BGC has also established an MOU with the well-known Chinese company SJ Municipal Engineering Company. The organization currently collaborates with several companies, enabling them to provide buyers with all available options. This firm involves obtaining a variety of services from a specific supplier. 

 It includes purchasing real estate, a plan, and development. In addition, large-scale public and private initiatives work correctly, and project authorities, and IT supportive services, including commercial media assistance, will be displayed. Additionally, the Group has grown into a retail segment within supermarkets and apparel companies. Due to their extensive service, they have built a strong user satisfaction core.

Prevoius Projects of (BGC):

PIA Co-operative Housing Society, Blue Town Sapphire residential development, Lahore Center Park, Blue Market, and Blue Innovations are just a few of Saad Nazir’s successful commercial and accommodation initiatives. However, BWC is the most significant modern private project supported by BGC. Blue Group of Companies also has a remarkably expanded portfolio of industries, including those listed below.

  • Blue Bricks
  • Palms Blue
  • SuperMart Blue
  • Blue Technologies
  • Blue Press
  • Brands District
  • Artimmix
  • Blue real estate Properties

Blue World City Islamabad Location Map

The location is typically the shareholder’s top priority when buying real estate. Area establishes the convenience of every necessity of the resident instead of characterizing the impression of protection. Before completing the prediction, a speculative should consider the pros and drawbacks of the neighbourhood surrounding the property. You’ll find the Blue World City Islamabad Location Map near the Chakri Junction on the main Chakri Highway. The construction is conveniently accessible from the M-2 Motorway. Furthermore, the project is not too far from the brand-new Islamabad Airport.


It converts into a highly well-regarded project with a great atmosphere among investors and real estate agents. It offers a refined way of life apart from the unrest and buzz of the city. Society extension also delivers one of the nearest entrance places to twin cities. The Blue World City Islamabad stands out among Pakistan’s other neighbourhoods by concurrently marketing a calm, quiet, and abundant living environment to its residents, unlike any other private initiative advertised.

Accessible Sites

The prime placement of the Society is conveniently located through all the Chakri junctions heading toward Chakri Avenue, as shown on the map above. It is close to notable developments like spacious DHA and elegant Bahria Town Islamabad. The enterprise is thirteen minutes from the thoroughfare and thirty minutes from the Latest Islamabad Airport. Each person may easily comprehend the place. Residents may easily travel thirty minutes from the location to the twin cities. Moreover, the residents might travel forty to forty-five minutes to get to Grand Trunk road from the estate. The Administration intends to construct a route linking Bahria Town and the airport, cutting the distance between Society and the GT Highway and Islamabad Expressway even more.

Blue World City Islamabad NOC


Fortunately, the RDA has granted Blue World City Islamabad NOC per Ref Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. The neighbourhood received initial approval for about 427 Kanals of property on 2019 Feb, 19. Therefore, blue World City’s NOC position is now apparent. The Local Council accepted Blue World City’s NOC in 2021, 13 December. The Administration has agreed upon allocating authority between the RDA and the local council, which is a comfort for all parties involved in this residential complex. The NOCS of all accommodation societies must be granted by the local agency in Rawalpindi, according to the Local Authorities Ordinance 2021, which Governor Punjab authorized on 11 December 2021. Contrarily, Blue World City NOC is from the local council. Following the publication of Local Authorities Regulation 2021, Blue World City NOC has officially recognized. The cost of the allotment would rise much more following this news.

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BWC is systematizing to become a highly advanced metropolis. Without a doubt, this diversion will boost financial progress and improve the standard of living. Creative Features and Optimization are related across the project to deliver results. The precise methods, telltale symptoms of an advanced framework, and an unconventional and unique strategy. Consequently, the residents will live in a much more dominant setting. The builders formed an organization that would provide realistic and capable communal environments when they began the basic improvement technique for Society. The developers allocated the five thousand Kanal land, making this housing Society the most Spacious residential venture and very valuable. Moreover, The developers have divided the property into blocks. The project also has farmhouses and individual and industrial plots for sale in Blue World City.

  • Overseas Block
  • General Block
  • Waterfront Block
  • Executive Block
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Farm Houses Blue Hill
  • Awami Complex
  • Sports Valley Block
  • Hollywood Block

Blue World City Overseas Block

Following the proposed development, a few housing and business plots in the Overseas Block become available to buy according to a first among-equal prerequisite that all inhabitants be Pakistanis who do not at this time settle there. This Block’s intended audience is Pakistanis with dual citizenship or overseas visitors, as the name implies. Furthermore, Chakri Highway provides immediate access to the BWC Overseas Block. Additionally, the accommodation project will have access to Rawalpindi Roundabout, which in two additional years can directly connect with Motorway M-2. There are many beautiful plots for sale in this Block. Blue world City’s payment plan for this Block is also very reasonable. The blue world city 5 marla plot is the favourite dimension of the residence by the residents.

Property in Overseas Block

  • Seven, Ten, Fourteen Marlas and One and Two Kanals Residential Assets
  • Five, Ten Marlas Commercial Plots


The developers have positioned this Block on sunset avenue. This Block is just ten minutes from CPEC and twenty minutes from International Airport.

Remarkable Features

  • Golf Club
  • Secured and Gated
  • Lagon Overseas Club
  • Masjids
  • Entry via E-tag
  • Parks and Recreational Areas

Participants who have made a 50percent of the total down payment on an Overseas Block plot are eligible to vote in this balloting. Voting privileges in the general Block are limited to those parties who have been reimbursed in full. However, no matter when they signed up, so long as they paid 90percent of the total amount, they’ll get an invite.
March 23 2022, at the official site of the Society, there will be a voting and possession transfer ceremony. Society has reached a new level of success and delivered on its expectations with this development. The Society has also taken another positive step: members who have reserved files but cannot make the instalments can now return them to the Society for a full refund.
Many participants used to comply with the Society’s earlier established deadlines for clearing their accounts. However, Society has helped those who were overlooked once more and given them a final deadline to pay off any outstanding bills. Members who pay their dues before April 30, 2022, will no longer be subject to the late fee. Remember that this is your last chance to get cleared up; Society will not impose any further deadlines after this one.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block

The foundation of BWC in Islamabad is General Block. In addition to providing a complete existence, it also means that accounting makes things easier for the clients. Moreover, plots in BWC General Block have very affordably priced.
The builders have begun delivering most of the services promised during the prior period, and construction on the site is currently seventy per cent complete. The residential plots accessible inside this Block are five, eight and ten Marlas and one and two Kanal luxurious and beautiful plots. In addition, this specific Block also contains business property ranging from five to ten marlas.

Property In General Block

  • Five, Eight and Ten Marlas and One and Two Kanal luxurious and beautiful dwelling Plots
  • Five to Ten marlas commercial plots
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