The president borrows the belly to give birth to a child

Xiaoxi climbed to Zixin's side, put his hands around his knees, stared at Zixin, and then nodded vigorously, "You have said." "It's impossible. How can I not like Xiaoxi?" She reached out and stroked his tender face. Even if she hated anyone in the world, she would not hate her own children. Then tell Xiaoxi how much you like it? Xiaoxi moved his position close to Zixin. Loved it! Love it! With only this lovely little face in his loving eyes, Zixin smiled and answered quickly. That won't leave Xiaoxi? Move again, get closer. Unable "That won't leave Daddy?" He sat directly on Zixin's lap and asked Zixin face to face. Nope After spitting out a word, he remembered the question and immediately closed his mouth in silence. Zixin, why don't you answer? Thought to be able to confuse the heart of the audio-visual, who knows. It seems that the problem is really serious. Zixin took a deep breath and took Xiaoxi into his arms. He said slowly, "Xiaoxi, you are still young, and you don't understand a lot of things." I understand! Xiaoxi was born to Daddy and Zixin. …… Zixin is Xiaoxi's mommy! Xiaoxi pulled out the embrace of the heart and looked at her carefully all the way. This second, time completely stay, the heart of surprise, panic with a trace of excitement, this is the first time she heard Xiaoxi call his mother this name, once she thought he would speak, the first time he would babble himself, but. Four years, she waited for four years,china tile trim, this moment she really very fragrant very fragrant tightly hugged him in the bosom, tightly. "So Zixin don't leave me and Daddy, okay?" Xiaoxi fell into Zixin's arms. He held Zixin tightly in his two little arms and continued: "The teacher said a word today. The father paid back the debt. The father also asked Xiaoxi to change it. Daddy said that he had done a lot of wrong things to Zixin. Is it all right to let Xiaoxi and Daddy be together?"? Please Zixin must accompany Xiaoxi to grow up. At this moment, these words are the most real side of the small heart, relying on the body of the heart, he likes this embrace, like this faint fragrance. Zixin hugged Xiaoxi tightly and put her chin on the top of Xiaoxi's head. She grabbed the tears from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She didn't know how to open her mouth. She just reached out to wipe away her tears quickly and showed a gentle smile. Looking at Xiaoxi, she wanted to find a euphemistic language and said: "Zixin will watch Xiaxi grow up,stainless steel tile edge trim, because Zixin loves Xiaxi very much, but.." The words are not finished. "Daddy!" Sitting in her arms, Xiaoxi immediately interrupted Zixin's words, looking at the direction of the steps with big round eyes, and felt a burst of excitement in her heart. When Mrs. Gu said Xiaoxi was looking for him, he walked out of the room and was about to go downstairs to the living room. At that moment, a familiar figure suddenly entered his eyes. It was Zixin. Her pale face saw her flustered expression. As soon as she entered the door, she asked Xiaoxi nervously. It seemed that this was Xiaoxi's good idea? When he saw the two of them hugging and talking together, he chose not to disturb them, but stood where he was, quietly looking at the scene of asking and believing in the living room. Unexpectedly, at this time, he was seen by his clever son. A sound cut through the whole living room of the original warm air, do not know the moment plus is a trace of chill, especially the footsteps slowly approaching, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless tile trim, so that each other's breathing has become difficult. Didn't Xiaoxi say that Luo Yiwei was no longer there? Zi Xin's whole body immediately stiffened, listening to his footsteps, his heart suddenly filled with a feeling of panic and fear. She quickly exploded Xiaoxi from her feet and stood up, "Xiaoxi, I'll go back first." The next second! Both arms were held by hands of different sizes at the same time. Shall we talk about it? The deep hoarse voice broke the stiffness, Luo Yiwei tightly grasped Zixin's arm, although he knew she came because of Xiaoxi, but he did not walk like her. Zixin, don't go. Xiaoxi took Luo Yiwei to open his mouth, and his pink mouth opened and closed his request. Hearing Xiaoxi's request, Zixin turned around quickly, and without looking at Luo Yiwei, he shook off his hand in a panic and squatted down to look at Xiaoxi. "Xiaoxi." "Xiaoxi." Two people open their mouths at the same time, and at the same time want to speak and stop, such a move makes Xiaoxi confused, do not know who to see in the end, so the little head turned around, and finally fell on Daddy's body, gently blinked, seems to be on time Daddy what. Luo Yiwei, of course, knew what his son meant. He reached out and scratched the back of Xiaoxi's head and said, "Xiaoxi, you go upstairs first." "Oh, yes." Xiaoxi nodded and promised, and then reluctantly took a look at the heart, cursed the small mouth, cursed the heartless father in the heart, and then slowly went upstairs. Just walked to the second floor, see Chen Jie is also against the wall to watch, two people look at each other, Chen Jie immediately to Xiaoxi thumbs up, showing a smile praise: "You boy really have a set of oh, but.." Looking at the situation, they still seem to feel bad. Oh Xiaoxi shrugged his shoulders helplessly in the British style, then put his hands into his pockets and restored Lao Chen's appearance. "I really don't know if my stupid daddy can handle it. Oh, I'm not going to see it. I'm going to take a shower.." As soon as the words came out, Chen Jie immediately drew three ink lines on his face. If all the kids these days were like him, the world would be disrupted. Oh, the way of the world. "Uncle Chen, don't speak ill of me behind my back!" Xiaoxi, who had just taken a step, suddenly gazed at Chen Jie's expression and immediately turned to warn him. Hearing the uncle's name, the three lines disappeared immediately and turned to look at the super small version of Luo Yiwei's Xiaoxi, "Hey, I said you can't call me so old!"! How humiliating it is for other women to hear it! Apart from my mother's accident, the only woman here is Mrs. Gu! Could it be.. Xiaoxi covered his mouth and smiled, not daring to say any more. Chen Jie immediately the whole face is very heavy,metal trim manufacturers, rolled up his sleeves toward the little devil's clothes, "you this little devil!"! Today I will teach you a good lesson about your father! "If you touch me, I'll tell my daddy to punch you!" "He has no time to talk to you now!" 。
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