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Ye Yinzhu seemed to wake up from his thoughts. Took a look at him. He nodded and said, "Despite the heavy losses.". But we have won the war after all, but now is not the time to reward the armed forces. Vice marshals and commanders. When you get back, you immediately organize our soldiers to ask the water magician to clean the toxin. Send the wounded back to Ryuzinus as soon as possible. Make a detailed count of the dead. After the end of the war, a pension was issued. They are all heroes of this holy war. In addition, the craftsmen were ordered to repair the walls of the fortress, so that the defense could not be relaxed. In case the abyss creature counterattack, the meeting is here, purple, Ye Hongyan, Oliveira, Anya you stay. The others can disperse. The generals are already extremely tired. Get the order from Ye Yinzhu. Leave the handsome tent, each repair and go. The others are gone. Zi no longer had any scruples. She darted to Ye Yinzhu's side, grabbed him by the shoulder and said, "Yinzhu,tile profile factory, are you all right?" Ye Yinzhu shook his head gently and said, "Don't worry, I'm all right, Xiaolongnv.". Sura, Ocean, you go down and rest first. I have business to do with them. Sura and the ocean were red-eyed,tile trim factory, and Sura stepped forward. Suddenly he knelt down in front of Ye Yinzhu with tears in his eyes, "Yinzhu.". It's all my fault. I didn't notice when Sister Xiangluan left. It caused her to be killed by the demon king of the abyss. You punish me according to the military law. Ye Yinzhu froze for a moment. At this time. His whole body seemed a little dull. Shaking her head gently, she stepped down from the commander in chief, lifted Sula up, and took the ocean in her other hand. "Don't cry. You can't be blamed for this. Xiangluan left the Qin Emperor by herself.". You are the leader of the Qin Emperor. At that time, nothing was more important than war, and you did everything right. In this war, you accurately commanded the Qin Di. It has achieved brilliant results on the battlefield, with merits and no faults. "But.". I The death of Xiangluan. It touched Sura a lot. They all knew that Xiangluan had spoken to Ye Yinzhu before she died. I also understood Xiangluan's feelings for Ye Yinzhu. But at this moment. The people of Xiangluan are dead. Don't say it's jealousy, they only have guilt in their hearts. Sister Xiangluan, aluminum tile edge trim ,stainless steel edge trim, you are so silly. Why don't you tell me that you also like Yinzhu. Why? "The ocean has cried without tears.". Best friend, closest grandpa. All died in this war, and the blow to her can be imagined. Don't say anything. I have lost Xiangluan, and I don't want you to be hurt any more. Ye Yinzhu's eyes were red, and he could no longer keep himself calm. If it weren't for the fact that everything was not over yet, maybe he would hold his two wives and cry happily. You all go. I'll go back later. The ocean and Sula left, and Xiaolongnv went down to rest at the command of Ye Yinzhu. Restraining the agitation, Ye Yinzhu looked at his three good brothers and Anya. The five people, collectively known as the Five Emperors of Qin City, looked at each other, and it was difficult for them to see the victory in each other's eyes. Just grieving for the dead warrior. Little _ Say _ txt Heaven Chapter 331 The Guardian of the Goddess of Nature (Part Two). "Yin Zhu, don't think too much, although this war has caused us heavy losses.". But this is a feat that will benefit future generations. When we completely destroy the abyss plane, the mainland will no longer need to worry about the invasion from the abyss plane. This is the wish of the Dragon King, and also the wish of the four tower owners who died in Falan. You are the commander of the coalition forces. You must cheer up. The follow-up work will be completed. Ye Yinzhu nodded his head. Look at Violet. "Yes," he said. The war is far from over. There's still a lot of work to be done. I'll leave you here. Just for the next fight. According to the original plan. We have repulsed the most violent attack of the Abyssal Army. Repair for three days. Three days later. We will launch a general attack. "Black Demon King Salina escaped.". She must have gone back to the Black Demon Emperor to gather up the remnants of the army. So, our first stop is the emperor of the Black Demon Kingdom. Defeat the remnants of the army led by Salina. Destroy the abyss of the Black Demon Kingdom at the same time. Then destroy the other three abysses of the abyss plane one by one. At that time. Is the real end of this crusade, and after that, we just need to sweep the abyss again. Kill the single creature of the abyss, and the evil creatures of this plane can be completely eradicated. ” "Three days later," said Violet. Are you going to take those legions to the Black Demon Kingdom? A period of three days 。 I'm afraid it's not enough for all the legions of the army to be repaired. Ye Yinzhu nodded his head. "I have thought about it," he said. "Most of the enemy leaders have been dealt with by us, and the resistance to fighting again will be reduced a lot. Three days later. I will only take the elite legions to the Black Demon Empire and destroy it. Purple, you and Gelasius, Ming, Flash and Thunder will go with me, leaving Nuoyun and the two Platinum Beamons to command the orc army in the fortress. Swan Goose. You and the Knights of the Dragon and Wolf of Death will come with me. Brother Oliveira. Please select one hundred magicians above the purple level from Falan, and take charge of the command. Sister Anya, Elf Dragon and Two-headed Chimera will go with me to fight. We don't need dragons to fight this time, although I've never had a good impression of dragons. But in today's war. The dragons played an important role, and there were only a few people left in the whole race, so they didn't have to fight. I will repair the remaining dragons of the Infernal Dragon Legion with undead magic, and they can also fight with us, as well as the Horned Eagle Knights. Do you have any questions? The four people in front of him shook their heads at the same time. It shows the approval of Ye Yinzhu's command. Oliveira said, What about Master O'Brien and Master McMillan? Do you want them to join the war? ? If there are two masters of magic to assist It will be easier for us to deal with on the battlefield,stainless steel tile trim, not to mention that the magicians of Falan can only play their strongest strength under their command. Ye Yinzhu sighed. He shook his head and said, "I'd better not.". If the four tower owners had not died, I would have asked them to go with me. But Falan has lost so much. There are only two masters left. You can imagine the sadness in their hearts. Let them stay in the fortress. 。 jecatrims.com
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