Vast rivers and lakes

"I'm disturbing the benefactor," he said. "Never mind," said Zhao Yufei. Pure water smiled, thinking that this young man.. It is also strange, it seems that when straight as if the four are empty, actually do not move to ask their own purpose. In that case, why not just cut your hair and throw it into the empty door. Then he said slowly, "Master Lu specially ordered the poor monk to bring a man who can be used by the benefactor to do odd jobs. If the benefactor Zhao is willing to keep him, the poor monk will ask him to come in." Zhao Yufei had already seen the black and fat ugly monk standing in the doorway, and looked at him for a while, but he deliberately kept silent. When he saw his eyebrows wrinkled, he couldn't help smiling and thought, "He really doesn't like that guy. I told Master Lu long ago that there's no need to bring this clumsy man." So he said, "If benefactor Zhao doesn't like him, I'll go back and find another one for you." Zhao Yufei shook his head and said, "It's not a question of whether you like it or not, but I wonder why Master Lu did this."? I have made it very clear that I like to live alone quietly for a while. He cried out in his heart that he was ashamed, because he had completely guessed wrong and did not say it, and what Master Lu had ordered came in handy at this moment. He said, "Master Lu said that you said this three months ago, when you first came here, your state of mind has changed." "Oh,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I don't know myself," said Zhao Yufei. "It's a bit strange." Qingshui thought for a moment, then showed a slightly embarrassed look and said, "Yes, it's really a little strange. The poor monk can't see any change in you. But since Master Lu said so, the poor monk had to reply like this." Zhao Yufei hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, leave him here." "Almsgiver Zhao, are you serious?" "Of course it's true,ceramic igniter electrodes," said Zhao Yufei. "To be honest, I really don't refuse to have someone to cook and wash for me, so I decided to keep him." "So I beg your pardon, poor monk," he said. After he left, the black, fat and ugly monk came in. "What's your name?" Asked Zhao Yufei. "My name is Stone," said the black, fat and ugly monk. Zhao Yufei nodded and said, "Take off the monk's hat." When the stone did so, Zhao Yufei said, "Have you ever received the great precepts?" "What is the precept?" Asked the Stone. Zhao Yufei said, "It's a formal ritual to be a monk. You have to burn a few scars on the top of your head with incense. You'll never grow hair." The stone grinned, and the ears moved. "You're right," he said. "I can't stand it." Zhao Yufei smiled and thought to himself, Ceramic Band Heater ,7g Ozone Generator, "This stone monk is very innocent. He is a straightforward and honest man." Then he asked, "Why can't you stand the precepts? Are you afraid of being a monk?"? The life of a monk is really hard. "It's not that I'm afraid of hardship," said the Stone. "It's that my head can't be ordained." Zhao Yufei could not understand and looked suspiciously at his head. "My head has been harder than a stone since I was a child," said the stone. "I can't cut it with a sword. They can't make a scar with incense, so I have to give up." Only then did Zhao Yufei suddenly realize, "So that's it. In that case, the kungfu on your head is already amazing." The stone nodded proudly and said, "Not only is my head very strong, but my whole body is as hard as a stone. I'm not afraid of being beaten." Zhao Yufei was born in Shaolin. He has profound knowledge of martial arts. Naturally, he knows a lot about such hard skills. "That's not necessarily true," he said. "It depends on who hits you." "No," said the Stone, "I'm not afraid of anyone." "Can you stop the sword?" Asked Zhao Yufei. The stone shook his head and said, "That's no good. I'm not afraid of sticks and fists." "That's right," said Zhao Yufei. "If you practice all your kungfu on the top of your head, you won't be able to stop the sword. Of course, I didn't lie to you. If an ordinary person beats you, you are not afraid. If you are a person with good martial arts, you must not let him hit you. Stone nodded reluctantly and said, "Master Lu wants me to listen to you, so I believe it." He was an honest man, so he told the reason why he was reluctant to believe. Zhao Yufei was silent for a long time before he said, "OK, I'll call you. Now let me call you." The stone grinned, and the ears were moving again. It's ugly and funny, but it's very cute. He puffed out his chest and said, "You can hit him twice." Zhao Yufei stretched out his palm and patted him on the stomach. The stone grinned and said, "So light?" Suddenly his face changed, he covered his stomach and bent down. After a while, he straightened up and stared at each other with surprise on his face. Zhao Yufei said, "The force of my palm penetrated into my abdomen. My stomach was shaken and moved. So it hurt for a long time before I recovered. Take the wood here." The stone did as he said and gave him a thick tree body several inches square, about a foot long. "You can break the wood, can't you?" Asked Zhao Yufei. The stone nodded, Zhao Yufei gently bent, and the wood broke into two parts. "You can crack the wood with your fists or palms, right?" He added. Stone nodded again, Zhao Yufei put a piece of wood on the ground, clapped his hands, and the wood cracked into many pieces. Zhao Yufei got up and gave him the rest of the wood. "Rub the wood into crumbs," he said. "Try it." "How can I do that?" Asked the stone with a stare. "Try it," insisted Zhao Yufei. The stone took it and rubbed it hard with both hands, only to get rid of the bark, and then there was no movement. "Give me that," said Zhao Yufei. He clamped the wooden body between his palms and rubbed it slowly, and suddenly the powder fell off. The stone looked dumbfounded and tried again, but still failed. "It's not a matter of strength," said Zhao Yufei. "It's a matter of kungfu in the palm of the hand and the real strength of the inner family. So now do you understand why you feel pain when I slap you lightly? The stone nodded repeatedly, with a look of great admiration on his face. Zhao Yufei waved his hand and said, "Go out and don't bother me." In his voice and expression, there was a sense of indifference. Stone suddenly looked depressed,steatite c221, looked at him anxiously, and turned to walk out of the house. Zhao Yufei sat alone in the room, meditating quietly.
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