Three Kingdoms Kill God

After hearing this, Tian Chou said, "Master, does that mean you don't need so much grain for each jar of'wine fairy 'wine?" Zheng Ning smiled and said, "Zitai, how could this be possible?"! If I really want so much food, I won't do such a thing even if I die. Isn't that a waste of food! Said to need so much food, life, Ganoderma lucidum, snow lotus and other nonsense is to tell the eunuch Zhang Rang, general He Jin, but we sent a heavy gift, this wine is too expensive. "If we really want that much, we'll give the Zhen family twenty taels of gold a jar, and we'll die." After hearing this, Tian Chou said, "Master, I was depressed in the last'Snowflake Flying 'battle. How could Master give up more than one thousand jars of immortal wine for the soldiers to use according to two taels of gold? It's not so expensive." "By the way," said Zheng Ning, "how many of the troops in Bingzhou have met the requirements of our army?" "Master," said Tian Chou, "there are more than twenty thousand who have met the requirements after the reorganization this time. Among them, nineteen thousand were captured and about seventeen thousand were qualified after the reorganization of the Wolf Rider of Bingzhou; And captured more than eighteen thousand step after the qualified only about four thousand, it seems, Seibel was injured after no one training soldiers, so step after it is too bad, and Bing riding a wolf is the original Seibel training. This Seibel is really a master of training soldiers. "That's about the same,hot tub wholesale," said Zheng Ning. "If there were more soldiers, we wouldn't be able to raise more soldiers. Now we have nearly seventy thousand soldiers, so we can't recruit any more. Tai, tell the general around, let them help me choose some elite soldiers, I want to train about one thousand guards, using more brutal training methods and means of training, so that they can complete various tasks, such as reconnaissance, tracking,Chinese spa manufacturer, assassination, detection, anti-reconnaissance, escort, intelligence search and other tasks, but also in any environmental conditions to survive, but also let them train a formation, A group of three to ten people can cooperate with each other to resist the sneak attack and duel of the first-class masters. "Good master," said Tian Chou, "I'll let them all choose loyal and physically fit soldiers to give to Zi Man." "Elder brother," said Sima Lang, "I've sent someone to pick up your maid. Otherwise, you'll have no one to take care of your life." "Transfer Ma Jun to Jinyang City, too," said Zheng Ning. "It is estimated that our future base camp will be here for a long time. Even if the emperor wants to give me a place, I will hold on to it, and when the time comes, I will act shamelessly. Oh! By the way, in the fold to the emperor said that now step on the northern prairie root of the Xianbei Tartars are assembled fighters, endless pool swim spa ,outdoor spa manufacturers, may attack the wild goose gate, it is estimated that step root will send out around sixty thousand fighters. "Elder brother," said Sima Lang, "why haven't I heard of the gathering of the Tartar fighters at the root of Bu Du?" "Boda," said Tian Chou, "the master means to frighten the emperor and the ministers in the court and tell them not to make any more fuss about Bingzhou, or else. Who help the emperor and the court to fight step root of the Xianbei clan fighters. "Elder brother," said Sima Lang, "you are not young now. How can you always do such things as bullying your superiors and oppressing your subordinates?". I discussed with the second elder brother, the third elder brother, the fourth elder brother and Zitai, shall we help you find a lady? Let you take it, too. Shit, even you want to intervene when Zheng Ning is looking for a wife. "Do you want to take care of this kind of thing?" Asked Zheng Ning? Forget it! You should try your best to do what you are doing. Besides, how can you force this kind of thing? If there is something good, I will consider it. "Elder brother," said Sima Lang, "are you sure you don't need us?" Zheng Ning smiled and said, "How can you manage it? Can you help me fix all the beauties I see? If you can't fix it, you might as well ignore it." When Sima Lang heard this, it seemed that his eldest brother had a goal! "Elder brother," said Sima Lang, "have you seen someone you like? Tell me about it. Maybe we can really help you. Unless you want the emperor's daughter, we can't fix it. If it's someone else's daughter, it should be possible!"! Besides, the eldest brother is also a feudal official now. Is there such a young official as you in the whole world. ” Zheng Ning looked up and said, "Can you really handle it?" "It shouldn't be a big problem," said Sima Lang. "Tell me about it. It's the daughter of that family." Zheng Ning thought for a moment and said, "Forget it." 93.- Chapter 093 Threatening the Court Five days later, Chen Fang came back. When Zheng Ning saw him, he said, "yuan Da, you've worked hard." "Don't work hard, master," said Chen Fang. "Why is the emperor so generous this time?" Asked Zheng Ning. "Master," said Chen Fang, "the officials in the court and the emperor were very happy when we annihilated the Tartar fighters of the Xianbei people for the second time. Plus the big eunuch Zhang Rang and constantly received our heavy gift, plus general He Jin in the support. Therefore, once the two of them agree, things will be much easier to handle. The emperor seldom saw the two of them not singing a different tune. But this time, Zhang Rang should play a big role in the middle. Originally, Zhang let is to give the tetrarch a miscellaneous number of general and so on, just put forward to have the majority of officials in the opposition, said the tetrarch a civilian, now promote general unreasonable. Although he has made great achievements, he can't rise too fast. After hearing this, I knew that it was difficult to do this, so I told Zhang Rang that in order to send him good wine regularly, I would help him get more food, and we could not get good wine without food. Zheng Ning said with a smile, "Yes, yuan Da. You've done a good job. What a bullshit general. Those are all empty. What do you want to do? It's better to have some material benefits. I'm always willing to exchange food without promotion." "Master," said Chen Fang, "now the whole world is praising our army's second victory over the Tartars. Now it's even more outrageous. They all say that Master is an immortal. In the past, laugh master buy dog pull car is shocking, said master is heaven, even this kind of thing can be done. Soldiers can also send troops in snowy days, and send troops to win, especially when they hear the name of the battle, they know that our army's roast mutton is actually half-cooked,Whirlpool bathtub, snowflakes flying more magical. Now the master of the name of the bear, is resounding through the sky, no one in the world knows no one knows. 。
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