Boudoir Notes _ August Winnie

Prince Rui said, "Your Highness has something with you, but did you give it to Chief Xie?" The cloud maid frowned. "I don't know what it is." "It's a jade pendant," said Prince Rui. "I don't have it," said the cloud servant girl lightly. "I let the prince down." Prince Rui glanced down and swept her chest, but finally said, "It's nothing. Naturally, it depends on fate." He turned his head again and stared at the bedroom not far away. The cloud servant girl wanted to go, but she stopped and asked, "Prince.." Did you go to an abandoned palace when you entered the palace before? Xiao Litian did not deny: "Yes." "I don't know why," said the cloud servant girl. Xiao Litian did not answer, but stared at the cloud servant girl. "Forgive me for being so bold," said the cloud servant girl. "Is that jade bracelet just now a relic of the Empress Ying?" Xiao Litian sneered and said disdainfully, "Ying Fei, that's just your name.". My sister's name is Xiao Lihai. She is the heroine of our Daliao, the pearl of our Daliao, and the hero of our.. Xiao Litian hesitated to speak. "Yes," he said proudly, "this jade bracelet is hers." "Did the prince really come to the capital to negotiate peace this time?" The servant girl asked. Xiao Litian raised his eyebrows and did not answer. His eyes were heavy, but he was still staring at the direction of the bedroom. "The prince.." said the servant girl. What are you waiting for? "Yes, I'm waiting," said Xiao Litian. "I'm waiting for the truth." He turned around and said in a deep voice, "And all you have to do is not get in the way, because once it comes true, no one can stop it!" The night is silent and the cold sound is broken. Inside the tent,fish measuring tape, the cloud servant girl reached into her bosom, touched it for a while, and finally took out the same object. Under the faint candlelight, the moon was shining with a very pale warm white light, just like a small moon, which appeared in front of her eyes. The cloud servant girl was holding this thing, but what appeared in front of her was the jade bracelet that Prince Rui had shown her before. The hollowed-out of the golden vine flower clearly emerges, which is also the same as the jade pendant on the hand. Gradually fit, there is no difference. As soon as she read it, the cloud servant girl grabbed the jade pendant in the palm of her hand again,tape measure clip, as if she was afraid of being seen by others, and hurriedly stuffed it into her inner clothes. Once that stormy night, Zhao Yi went to look for her, and when she was reluctant to give up, she hung it around her neck. Cloud servant girl natural remember this such as the moon, at the beginning of the state, is also a predestined relationship of objects, only when is a little mind of Zhao Yi, what's more, she was tossed muddleheaded, also unable to resist, the next day to find this thing hanging in front of the chest, then also just. Chapter 460 The first day of the emperor's hunting with his officials. Capital, Dali Temple. "The man from the Western Regions who sold the medicine has been found," said Wei Tieqi. "But he doesn't know the identity of the people who went to buy the medicine. They are now in prison. If you want to interrogate them, you may bring them here." "That's exactly what I mean," said Ching-hui. Immediately, Horse weight lbs ,Diameter tape measure, he ordered the officer to bring the medicine man to the hall, and sure enough, as Wei fighters said. This pharmacist is also famous in the ghost market because he is good at concocting all kinds of strange medicines, many of which are beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Although the drugs sold are not cheap, there have always been some regular buyers, who never deliberately reveal their identities, but those who can afford such expensive drugs are naturally not those ordinary families, who are either rich or expensive. Medicine man is also alert, previously know someone looking for him, then deliberately hide, but Wei fighters is the best at tracking, still to pull out, he saw the inevitable, then ask three don't know, is also a fear of involving what a big family, will get into trouble. When Qinghui saw him muttering, he mostly answered in the Western dialect, and the main book next to him looked at each other, but he couldn't understand what he was saying, and he was at a loss. Qinghui kept quiet and let him deny it. When he stopped, he looked into his eyes and said, "You probably don't know how bad it is. Now it's the medicine you sold that kills people. Do you still think you can get away with it?"? Now that there are no other suspects, it is natural to take you as a chief criminal to pay for your life. The medicine man blinked and could not help arguing: "This is unfair, unfair." He used the dialect of the Western Regions and the words of Da Shun. Qinghui said lightly, "There's nothing unfair about it. If you cooperate with this officer and find the real murderer behind the scenes, you may be given a light penalty. But now there are no other suspects. You have to accept this charge.". Those who die are not ordinary people, but the imperial guards of the emperor. Think about it and see if you can get away with it. The pharmacist blushed for a while. He lowered his head and thought for a long time. Finally he said, "My Lord, you can't wrong me. When I sold this broken soul pill, I already explained that I was not responsible for the sale of the goods.". And has told the taboo, but also attached a taboo note, stating that only one can be taken at a time, if two are taken, the light will become useless, the heavy will be life. "This is just your one-sided statement," said Qing Hui. "There is no witness. Do you still want me to believe it?" The medicine man gritted his teeth and shook his head. "That's all," he said. "I confessed. I only bought three copies of this broken soul pill because the taboo is too heavy. If you don't believe me, just ask them." When Qinghui saw that he finally opened his mouth, he asked him to tell him who the three sellers were. The medicine man said, "Because I have some names, and some medicines are strange, and I'm afraid of having an accident, so I only attract old customers.". Only three batches of this elixir were sold. The first person is the steward of the Wuyue Building in the capital, and I know him best. Last time Ji Taoran traced this medicine, he also found the Wuyue Building, which was also directed by the chief steward of the building to go to the ghost market to find the pharmacist, which was good. The medicine man added, "The other is a housekeeper in the mansion of Ge Laoye, a famous rich merchant in the capital.". As for the last man, although he had never had any dealings with him in the past few years, he never identified himself, only said his surname was'thousand ', but once when he paid, he accidentally brought out a piece of waist card, I took a look at it at that time, but recognized it.. The medicine man looked uneasy and looked around. "That looks like the waist card of Prince Heng's mansion,Fiberglass tape measure," he said. Qinghui was waiting for an answer when he heard "Prince Heng's Mansion." "Are you sure?" "I'm not sure," said the medicine man, "but there are always six or seven points." "How much medicine did they buy?" Asked Qinghui. "Tell me again." 。
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