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The woman smiled and said, "I have been born here for billions of years, and I have lived here since I was conscious.". Billions of years! I'm tired of it. I'm bored. I don't know when I can really merge with this chaotic spirit. If I can't merge completely, I can only stay here all my life. When I'm bored, I use the rules I've learned to create a lot of things. At first, I could only make some mountains and rivers, and then I could make living things. But the creatures I have created are not self-conscious, they are ignorant. Know everything, nothing, I'm bored, I hate here, I want to go out! Chu Tianming gave her a sympathetic look. In other words, if you are trapped in such a place where birds do not shit for countless years, I am afraid you are not as good as her! Of course, sympathy is sympathy, Chu Tianming will not damage his own use because of sympathy. Ignoring Chu Tianming's sympathetic eyes, the woman continued: "Finally, a few years ago, the energy in this chaotic spirit suddenly rioted, and this space suddenly became much more fragile. Even I was able to open up a space channel, but I couldn't leave here myself. I hate it!" "Fortunately, God has eyes, unexpectedly let you these outside people come in, I know, my opportunity has come.". So I thought of a way to get out of the island of life and death,caustic calcined magnesite, to get out of the so-called four passes. In fact, all that before was just an illusion created by me using the law, but because it was created by the law, I died in the illusion, that is, I really died. It was not until you passed through the four passes that I removed the illusion and sent you here. "Are you saying that everything before was just a fantasy?" Chu Tianming's eyes widened in surprise. The woman nodded, "However, it is indeed an illusion, but you can also understand them as a real existence,Magnesium Sulphate producer, such as Crocodile Zu, he is indeed a life created by me, but he does not have self-meaning, you will think that he is self-conscious in the illusion, this, let you understand now, it is too difficult for you, wait for you to understand the law, to me." You will know that there is no difference between truth and falsehood, between truth and falsehood. Chu Tianming nodded, indeed, for him now, everything about the law, he is very difficult to understand, but from the woman's words, he did understand some. True or false, true or false, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, to the realm of women, true can be false, false can be true. She really can't create a life with a soul, but she can make others feel that the life she creates has a soul. Is everything fake? Nope! Everything is true, but it is also false. It sounds like a mouthful, but if you really understand this, it is enough to prove that your realm is high. Chu Tianming seemed to understand and nodded his head. The woman smiled and continued: "The design of four checkpoints is to make you feel that the final reward is very precious. After I take out the chaotic spirit, the passer will naturally be ecstatic to take him away. But I didn't expect that you would know the chaotic spirit in advance and guess my identity. I didn't expect that in the face of the chaotic spirit, You can still be so calm! In the face of the woman's praise, Chu Tianming smiled awkwardly, especially at the woman's bitter eyes, which made him even more embarrassed. So your purpose is to get out of here as simple as that? Chu Tianming said with a straight look. The woman smiled, shook her head and said, "This is only part of my purpose. I know that if I don't completely merge with the spirit of chaos, I will never be completely free. Even if I leave here, who knows if I will be pulled back by the spirit of chaos?"? So the ultimate goal of my going out is to find some innate treasures in my memory that can speed up my fusion. "Sure enough.". "Chu Tian said in secret, then opened his mouth and said," What treasures do you need to speed up the fusion? " The woman thought about it and said, "They are all innate treasures, preferably treasures born in chaos. That would be better. For example, chaotic vitality, chaotic spiritual material, chaotic spiritual treasure, or innate spiritual material, innate pure gas, innate spiritual treasure. These can help me speed up the fusion of this chaotic spirit." Listening to what the woman reported, Chu Tianming suddenly had a black line. Chaotic vitality? Where does this thing still exist now! There is also the chaotic spirit material, which disappeared ninety-nine percent as early as when the chaos was broken, and the remaining one percent was also divided up by various ancient powers. As for the chaotic spirit treasure, let alone something unwarranted! Congenital Lingcai may still exist, as for congenital Qingqi, some congenital Lingbao may exist, but the number of congenital Lingbao is too rare, where is to say that you can find it, what you want is a pile of unrealistic things, even if you go out, you can not find these! Chu Tianming said it truthfully without giving face. The woman's face changed for a while, and after half a ring, she sighed leisurely. It turns out that things outside have become so bad! Said the woman in a low voice. Chu Tianming was stunned, and the corners of his mouth twitched. Is that all you want? Chu Tianming did not want to continue that topic, very directly shifted to another topic. Sure enough, hearing Chu Tianming say so, the woman immediately raised her head and nodded. In that case, it does not hinder my interests, but first say, you can not rob my things, after going out, you can not hurt me and I do not allow you to hurt people and things, when necessary, listen to the opinion, if you agree, I can take you out. The woman looked at Chu Tianming in surprise, and after thinking about it, she nodded directly. Very well, then put your hand on this and repeat what I just said! Chu Tianming stretched out his hand and spread it out,calcium ammonium nitrate price, revealing a semicircular silver-white object in the palm of his hand. The woman looked at it curiously, then put her hand on it frankly and said, "As long as.." What's your name 。
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