Love you like a dream

"I'll certainly explain this to Wang Yeh, so I won't bother Fujin." I gave Xiaotong a sidelong glance and walked out directly over her without even looking at her. Leaving her alone behind me, she watched me slowly leave with hateful eyes. My aloofness is not without foundation, because of that matter, Yin Zhen is full of extreme shame and pity for me, so now as long as it is not a big problem, he all let me, spoil me. Out of the garden, I looked back at her again, and under the calm eyes, a sharp light burst out. Naramin, I will make you pay for what you have done to me. When I arrived at the mansion of the 14th elder brother, Yun Hui was already waiting for me inside. Seeing so many beautiful potted plants, she pulled me happily and shouted, "Hey, this kind of flower doesn't bloom in this season. Where did you get it?"? It's beautiful! "Can't you grow it yourself?" I picked up a chair at random and sat down. "These flowers can only bloom for two seasons, but I have the ability to make them bloom for three seasons a year." "That took you a lot of brains!" She stared at me for a long time and gave me a thumbs-up: "That's awesome!" As soon as I smiled, she sat down next to me. "But every plant has its own law of growth. It doesn't matter to destroy them like this." I casually picked up the cup: "In the face of discomfort,metal racking systems, some people choose to change the environment, while others are changed by the environment, plants are the same." "What's the matter with you, Yijun?" Yun Hui suddenly smiled and said, "Why are you talking all the same now?" Holding the lid of the teacup, I scraped the cup, and the endless voice seemed to hide my unwillingness to be seen: "No?"? Don't guess. "I always feel that you are different from before." Yun Hui took my hand and doused me with a rare earnest tone: "I don't know what happened to you, but I always feel that you have changed my feelings.". "I always say I'm stupid, and sometimes I'm even more stupid than the most stupid woman in the world." The most stupid woman in the world? Who is it? I covered my mouth and wanted to laugh. I do not know this, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, I have never told me. "Yun Hui shook her head." But one thing I want you to understand is that there are two kinds of people in this world. One is a friend, the other is a close friend. In the face of humiliation, good friends will be gentle and comforting, while close friends will act as if nothing had happened. So, don't change, no matter what happens, there is me! My heart was wet, as if I had just drunk a bowl of rich and fragrant hot soup, and my whole body was hot. Yun Hui, we will be good friends for a lifetime! "Of course not." Yun Hui grabbed my arm and grinned: "I am a good friend for a lifetime!" The warmth of the surge spread in my heart, as if the cold storage in other places would be completely thawed in Yun Hui's innocent smile. I am very lucky to have a good comrade-in-arms who always supports and encourages me in this foreign land where I am attacked from both sides. I smiled, and it was a heartfelt smile. Yunhui, thank you! Chapter II Unexpected Visitor After coming out from Yun Hui, he went straight back to the palace. As soon as I stepped into the garden, I heard a song like a brass bell. Look carefully, it turns out that Xiao Hongli is singing loudly to the maids in the garden: "I look up and down, left and right, it turns out that every girl is not simple.." "Hong Li!" "What are you singing?" I interrupted angrily? There are no rules and regulations. When the slaves around me saw me come in, their faces changed color in an instant, like a big red apple. When Hong Li saw me coming, he grinned and ran towards me: "Aunt!" His little face was red and full of lovely childishness. He was only five years old this year. On his comely face, there were two black jewel-like pupils, which flashed to everyone. He looked like a clever child. I put a chestnut on his head and said, "Have you finished all the homework assigned by the master?"? If you continue to fool around like this, be careful not to be seen by your Ama! Turned around and scolded Xiaotong again: "Why do you teach him this when you have nothing to do?" Xiaotong lowered his head and pouted, but Hongli Xixi laughed: "Shifu asked me to finish my homework long ago. Aunt, did I sing well just now?" "You.." Oh, I shook my head with a headache: "I've had enough!"! Ren Hongshi is so much older than you, and he is still staying in the room to review. Quick, go back, or the next time what trouble,teardrop pallet racking, I can not in front of you Ama for you round oh! "Auntie is sharp-tongued and narrow-minded!" Hong Li made a grimace and ran away with a sneer. Before he left, he went around to Xiaotong's side and whispered childishly, "Sister Xiaotong is getting more and more beautiful. I'll come to play with you later." 。
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