Honeysuckle by twentine

Passed for a long time, Xu Hui just opens his mouth, say jokingly: "You go whole face, sometimes the man also sees a face." The crowd roared with laughter. The waiter of the restaurant looked at the excitement all the way and couldn't help saying, "Young man, the little girl also likes you very much. It's not good for you to do so." Xiaoye: "What? What is not very good? Love is not good. He doesn't like her, but he has to force himself to like her. He is sick." Xu Hui did not speak, the waiter was choked, hurriedly said: "You are right, you are right." "It is." Xiao Ye said, "a shameless person under the banner of love is not disgusting. There is no right or wrong in love. If you love him, you can coax him. If you don't love him, you can kick him away. Who is not like this?". If you're not liked, you should get out of here. Don't make people upset. The leaves on the ground had been trampled to the dregs, and Bai Lu stepped forward and walked back. She saw Jiang Ru squatting and crying in the honeysuckle bushes. Bai Lu squatted beside her and said, "Don't cry." Jiang Ru covered her face, and Bai Lu suddenly said, "Do you feel more ashamed?" Jiang Ru shook her head vigorously. Quiet for a while, Bai Lu said: "Don't cry, it's not worth it." Jiang Ru cried, "you don't understand." Bai Lu: "It's really not worth it. Just be yourself. Don't change anything." Jiang Ru raised her eyes,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "they're right." Red eyes, "Bai Lu, if I simply have a crush on him, it's just my own business, but I want him to respond, it's not just my business.". Since I have a request for him, I should pay for it. The world is conservative. Bai Lu smiled,wall penstocks, "physics is good, logic is really strong." Jiang Ru: "Boys like good-looking girls..." Bai Lu: "Not necessarily." Jiang Ru: "He likes it." Bai Lu smiled, "not necessarily." Jiang Ru: "What do you mean?" Bai Lu paused and said, "Don't you think their remarks are superficial?" Jiang Ru shook his head, "No, we are silly, too self-righteous, always say what the inner beauty, who can see it." Bai Lu: "The self-criticism is really thorough." Jiang Ru pulled the corners of her mouth and wanted to cooperate with Bai Lu, but her face was still bleak. Bai Lu: "Go back." Jiang Ru was out of her mind, and Bai Lu said, "Just wait a few days and forget it." Bai Lu dragged Jiang Ru's arm and pulled her up from the ground. Jiang Ru shook the soles of her feet. Bai Lu took off her schoolbag and carried her away. Jiang Ru: "Thank you." Bai Lu: "Nothing." As Jiang Ru walked along, she said unconsciously, "I didn't give him enough love. Senior three is very important. I can't accompany him wholeheartedly like that girl." Bai Lu said softly, "It's not love." Jiang Ru stubbornly said, fine bubble diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, "It's love." Bai Lu: "You just get into a dead end now. I don't think feelings are that simple." Jiang Ru doesn't speak. Bai Lu: "Easy to give, easy to receive, not love." Walking under the dim street lamp, about to leave the community, the fragrance of flowers is no longer, the roadside is a faint smell of car tail. "Then what do you mean by love?" Asked Jiang Ru. Bai Lu was quiet and went out of the community. A black car passed on the cold long street and flashed by. It might be a little stronger. Stopping, Bai Lu looked at the sallow street, thinking, and said softly: "either save people or kill people..." The night wind carries the smell of earth. My understanding of love is like this. Chapter III The next day, Bai Lu and Jiang Ru were criticized by the teaching director of the whole grade. Jiang Ru is afraid again. The power of the night is extraordinary, and when the sun comes out, things are different. A thousand words of self-criticism, the number of words in a composition. That's not to mention that when you finish it, you have to read it in front of the whole class, which is fatal. Jiang Ru's face was as thin as a piece of paper, and her face turned red when she lied, so her whole face was burning when she wrote the self-criticism. Forget it Bai Lu stopped writing, looked at Jiang Ru and said, "I'll write it for you later, and you can read it again." Jiang Ru lowered her head, "how can that be done." I've already got you into trouble. Bai Lu: "It's all right. It's easy for two people to make mistakes." Jiang Ru bit her lip and stared blankly in one direction. Now is the afternoon physical education class, the third grade physical education class is equivalent to free activities, willing to play on the playground to play, want to learn to stay in the classroom or go to the study room to study. Bai Lu sat on the stool, looked down Jiang Ru's eyes, and found her staring at the glass window. Bai Lu shook her hand and Jiang Ru looked back. Ah I'm sorry Bai Lu looked at the girl with a sad face and asked, "He doesn't know if you treat him like this. Don't you feel sorry for him?" Jiang Ru: "I don't want to..." Bai Lu: "Forget it." After thinking about it, I still say, "It's not worth being sad for him." Jiang Ru looked at the desktop in a daze again. Bai Lu: "…" With a sigh, Bai Lu bowed her head and wrote her self-criticism. In a self-study class, Bai Lu finished writing two reviews. Jiang Ru stared at her, "You, you write so fast." Bai Lu: "Not bad." Jiang Ru read the review twice, familiarized herself with the content, and looked at it and pursed her lips. Bai Lu. You are so good at making up lies. Bai Lu looked at her and Jiang Ru waved her hand in surprise. "I didn't mean that." Bai Lu smiled, "I know." She put her elbow on the table. "I'm really good at making up lies." In order to distract Jiang Ru's attention, she said earnestly, "The most important thing to make up lies is logic. If logic is strong enough, others will believe it, but we can't rely entirely on logic. When logic is not enough, we should use emotion to supplement it." Jiang Ru was really attracted, "is it necessary to make up to believe in yourself?" "Of course not." Bai Lu waved, "this is the worst, let people believe, do not believe, this is the mystery." Jiang Ru was amused. Bai Lu looked at her and said softly,Mechanical fine screen, "You'd better smile more." Jiang Ru shook her head and put two small hands on her face, saying, "What are you laughing at? My cheekbones are too high. Many people have said that I laugh like a monkey." Bai Lu: "They are talking nonsense." 。 khnwatertreatment.com
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