What is bluing and how does it protect your springs?

Blueing is a process that protects steel parts from oxidation, which is why it is highly recommended to give this treatment to springs, screws and other small metal parts. In metallurgical engineering this treatment is widely used due to its benefits, both to improve the appearance of the pieces and to maximize their functionality.

The first thing to know about this procedure is that it is effective in combating two types of oxidation: the one that occurs slowly, caused by air and water (which in turn causes the loss of shine and other physical characteristics of metals) form of oxidation) and another, which is produced rapidly from combustion, from which the heat of carbon and hydrogen emanates.

But, if you read this far, you are probably wondering how bluing protects the pieces and although the process can be more or less complicated depending on the method chosen to carry it out, it is actually a simple solution: bluing is a technique by which a layer of polished oxide is placed on the steel, which provides a greater shine to the pieces and works as a double preventive measure to avoid both oxidation and corrosion of the base material.

Returning to the previous explanation, there are a couple of methods to apply this outer layer. The first is the acid bluing method. The only drawback of this is that it is carried out slowly due to the process that requires the application of the acid before achieving the high adhesion finish that the surfaces acquire. A second method is alkaline bluing, which presents a lesser degree of difficulty by omitting this procedure, but which offers similar results.

Some of the services that may include bluing as an alternative to improve the quality of parts are bluing on copper, iron, brass and nickel, which, knowing the advantages they provide, you will surely want to request from your supplier.

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