My date experience with a lesbian escort in Wagga Wagga

I was in Wagga Wagga for some business-related work and it was getting too hectic for me. I was really looking for some relief! Then I decided to book an escort, as I had heard that choosing escorts from ENB can be good. So, I started browsing lesbian escorts there, and I really find one very attractive. I booked her in no time and then finally, the next day, she came to my place. I was very nervous, but still confidently welcomed her. She was very gorgeous, I asked her to sit, she smiled, and then we started talking about some random things. Suddenly a moment come when we both had eyecontact & we kissed each other. Even I cannot describe it, she was too good at kissing. We kissed for 15 minutes, I guess and then we went to the bedroom without wasting any time. I know it was quick, but neither of us was able to control the situation. We just go to the flow, we had a good hook-up and then we endup enjoying a great time.


After doing so, we again started talking, she was paying attention to me, and I was loving it. She asked about my hobbies, I told her that I like watching movies. She told me we can do so if I want. I was amazed and then we watch a romantic movie. She sat on my lap and then we enjoy watching movies and in between, we kissed again. I don’t know, what happened to me on that day, I was loving hooking up with her. She asked if I am liking it, I said yes, I am loving it. She smiled and then we started kissing each other again. It was such a relaxing day, and the best time came, when she started giving me a massage session. I had booked her for that service also, but I don’t have any idea that she was too good at it. Really, appreciated the way, she was using her smooth fingers over my body. All the tensions went away that day, and finally time came, when she was leaving. I don’t want her to go, but cannot do anything. She finally left and then I was like, dude, she was amazing, I was really looking to book her but again due to some office work, I have go to Sydney, but whenever I go escorts Wagga Wagga, I will love to hire her again. She has everything that I was looking for!

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