Best Tactical Helmets [Top 5 with Pros/Cons]

Best Tactical Helmets [Top 5 with Pros/Cons]

Tactical helmets are the obvious choice when it comes to protecting your head during a dangerous situation. Tactical ballistic helmets are mainly used during military combat, but we are seeing a growing number of hunters getting one. After all, accidents do happen, and getting safely home should always be the top priority on any trip.To get more news about bulletproof level 4, you can visit official website.

You can get tactical helmets that are not ballistic-grade. While obviously confined to airsoft or other lighter uses, they are significantly cheaper.
There is also a bunch of tactical helmet accessories that may come in handy on your next hunting trip. NVGs, helmet lights, communication devices, cameras, optics, and audio equipment to name a few. This makes them a worthwhile addition to any shooter’s arsenal.
Previously, only military troops wore tactical helmets, which were designed to provide maximum head protection. Now, many civilians are acquiring tactical helmets whether for training or outdoor activities. Let us differentiate the two distinct types of tactical helmets available.

Ballistic Helmet Types
There are several types of ballistic helmets, namely:

PASGT: It stands for Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops. When you require basic ballistic protection at a low price, this sort of helmet is unsurpassed. These helmets were standard issue for the US military and has a Kevlar protective shell that protects against shrapnel and ballistic threats. If you don’t need to mount extras like night vision goggles (NVG), the PASGT ballistic helmet is the ideal option for you.
MICH: The MICH, or Modular Integrated Communications Helmet, was an upgrade to the PASGT. These helmets are made from advanced Kevlar that provides superior protection against gun projectiles. The MICH is also somewhat smaller and lighter than the PASGT, allowing for better situational awareness and less view restriction for the user. In addition, this helmet has a low-cut style for increased coverage, as well as an enhanced four-point retention system for added comfort and protection.
ACH: It stands for Advanced Combat Helmet. The MICH and ACH are nearly identical because the ACH is an improved version of the MICH. This helmet is perfect for those who want to add accessories to their ballistic helmet, such as night vision goggles (NVGs) or communications devices.
ECH: The ECH or Enhanced Combat Helmet is a combat helmet that is meant to take the place of the ACH. The ECH is comparable in appearance and weight to the ACH, but it is thicker. Its style provides less coverage, but it compensates with increased visibility.
FAST: The FAST ballistic helmet, which stands for Future Assault Shell Technology, is characterized by its ear cut. It’s commonly known as ATE or ”Above the Ear” or ”High Cut”. If you want a very light helmet, the FAST ballistic helmet is the best choice. On this helmet, you may also install a variety of battle gear, such as cameras or lighting. This helmet is up to 25% lighter than any other ballistic helmet we’ve seen due to its UHMWPE shell.
Now that you’ve learned about the different types of ballistic helmets, you can figure out what you truly need. For this review, we chose both ballistic and bump helmets. You can always evaluate your personal style and the level of security you need.

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