Best bike accessories and gadgets

Best bike accessories and gadgets

Owning a bicycle(opens in new tab) can be incredibly liberating, but it's also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a cycling lifestyle. Investing in the best bike accessories can help keep you and your bike safe(opens in new tab), help you keep track of fitness and even give you a connection to your favourite hobby when not in the saddle(opens in new tab). To get more news about ebike accessories, you can visit official website.

The best bike accessory will differ for each and every cyclist, and can be practical, stylish, fun or a combination of all three.
So whether it's keeping your best road bike extra safe and secure, wanting some bicycle personalisation or perhaps you're looking for the perfect gift or present for the cycling enthusiast, our guide has all you need to know about how to buy the best bike accessory for you. If you're on a budget, but safety is paramount, then we think the best is the Bell Formular MIPS road bike helmet(opens in new tab). We gave it nearly full marks in our review, finding not only the gold standard safety feature, MIPS, on board, but also that it's was a great fit, with plenty of ventilation channels and lots of colour options to choose from. You can read more about all the best budget bike helmets(opens in new tab) that we've ridden and reviewed to find your perfect match.

A little higher up the price bracket it the POC Ventral Spin helmet(opens in new tab) marries aerodynamics, breathability and a comfortable fit all in to one neat package. On test we found it a faultless road bike helmet and even presented it with a Cycling Weekly Editor's Choice award.

If you're after a multi-tasking option, then the Livall BH60SE helmet(opens in new tab) is the one for you. LED remotely operated lights, Bluetooth speakers and smart phone integration. This helmet will even alert an emergency contact with your exact location if it detects a crash. It's probably one of the best bike accessory's on the market, assuming that you don't ride in total signal dead spots and the helmet fits your head.
Bike theft(opens in new tab) is a really unfortunate part of cycling. No one wants to be the victim, but it happens, and the best bike lock(opens in new tab) can help to protect you.

While the unrated Hiplock Z Lok Combo(opens in new tab) won’t stand up to a bolt cutter at 70 grams it’s an ideal choice for café rides. Small enough to fit into a bar or saddle bag the 40cm long lock can secure your bike to a post or railing while you enjoy a coffee or pop into a garage or shop for mid-ride provisions. It uses a zip tie-like design, with an internal steel ribbon covered by a plastic covering. In short, the Z Lok is an affordable alternative to a full-strength lock when portability is more important than complete security.
Zefal’s K-Traz U17(opens in new tab) offers great value for money, delivering a Sold Secure Gold rating at an affordable price. We also like this lock for its surprisingly low weight - just under 1.3kg - and its durable plastic coating. At this price point there are a couple downsides, notably the straight shackle and the bike mount. We found the latter to be pretty fiddly to set up and a little flimsy once we’d done so.

The Oxford Alarm D Pro(opens in new tab) uses a double-pronged approach to protecting your bike. This Gold rated u-lock features an inbuilt alarm that uses internal motion sensors to detect any tampering. We found that the calibration was just right, reacting to movement that would suggest potential theft but not so sensitive that it sounded when the bike was knocked a little. As for the lock itself it features a bent shackle, a decent mount and is an acceptable weight.
It's a legal requirement that you have a white front light and red rear light fitted to your bike when cycling before dawn and after dusk. And it's a pretty good idea, really, if you want to be seen on the road.

The brightness of a bike light is usually expressed in 'lumens' and front bike lights fall into two very distinct categories: lights for being seen, and lights for seeing.

As its name suggests, the USB charged Lezyne Macro Drive1300XXL(opens in new tab) packs a serious punch. At 1300 lumens it’s firmly in the high-powered front light camp. However it boasts plenty of options; Race mode for example handily lets you dip the beam and switch between full power and 130 lumens. We liked its wide beam as well as its robust construction and easy-to-use rubber attachment strap.

If you don’t require something quite as powerful, the Knog PWR Rider(opens in new tab) could be a good choice. This front light delivers 450 lumens in a tidy, lightweight package; in fact at 114g it’s light enough to attach to your helmet. It’s programmable too, so you set the modes you want to use. Attachment comes via silicone strap and the built-in USB port means it can also double-up as a power bank to charge other devices.

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